Cordillera – Wilhelm Lawsuit

by Paul Drake and Della Street

Wednesday, May 25th 2011 – Now that the Wilhelm/Cordillera lawsuit has been filed at the Eagle County Courthouse – it is a matter of Public Record.

Interested parties can read/download a copy of that legal document by (Clicking Here)

The case number is 2011CV456  and the Judge assigned to the case is District Court Judge – Frederick Gannett


5 responses

  1. I have observed this dispute from the sidelines for about the last eighteen months on behalf of a Cordillera property owner who was not a club member and chose not to become a club member because of the existence of the dispute. What the Plaintiffs say in the lawsuit seems to be a pretty accurate representation of what has gone on. The Defendants certainly have portrayed themselves as having wide support among the property owners. Speaking for one and only one property owner, I know that is total bs as to the property owner I know. I suspect its total bs generally. Good luck to the Plaintiffs. Hope everybody gets whats coming to them.

    • Thanks for commenting OreoBernie8 – the EagleCountyTimes.Com is following the public record documents that are (and will be) filed at the Eagle County District Court in this lawsuit.

    • You are the one full of BS Robert. No one in their right mind would have joined the Club at Cordillera ever since David Wilhelm went on his public rant at the Mountain Course last summer. Wilhelm came up with the idea of selling his “private” club to the CPOA. He queered his own ability to market the club or gain members announcing it was losing $1-6 million annually and he was no longer willing to fund it. An inability to negotiate a price, shouldn’t allow a seller to sue his proposed buyer except maybe in Eagle County Courts.

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