Semper Fi – Tim Cochrane

by – Clayton Moore

Semper Fi Tim! – Tim’s Memorial Service held in Edwards this past Friday where friends and family gathered to celebrate Tim’s life.  The ECT’s favorite picture of Tim Cochrane is below – and how the ECT chooses to remember Tim always – LARGER THAN LIFE and RIDIN’ HIGH!  A fitting tribute for this U.S. Marine – Happy Memorial Day 2011!

Update! – Memorial Day Services will be held 11:00AM – at Camp Cooper along Rte 6 on the way to Leadville – then later Monday afternoon in Freedom Park in Edwards – 3:30PM – See you there!

Happy Graduate News This week!

Congratulations Emily Lich for your May 14, 2011 graduation from the University of Colorado, Denver.

Emily majored in Biology and minored in Sociology, earning Collegiate and Departmental Cum Laude honors, and is in Tri Beta and the Biological Honors Society. Emily is now medical school bound.

Emily was a recent lecture speaker regarding the results of her research abstract at the internationally recognized   Pediatric Academic Society (PAS),  a project completed while she worked under the honorable Steven H. Abman, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital, Denver. Emily was awarded honors at PAS and received honorary funds for her research abstract as well. She works as a volunteer at Craig Hospital for spinal cord injury patients and she is planning a medical trip to Armenia this summer, under the guidance of the honored Dr. Roger V. Ohanesian, MD, Harvard, to perform eye surgeries on infants thus saving their eyesight.

So Emily Lich, job well done. All the folks that know Emily, are so very proud of your hard work and all of your achievements!


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