Avon Police – Public Safety vs. Public Threats

by Clayton Moore

Does your Police Chief do this in your Town?

If you check with the Town of Avon’s lodging Community (Comfort Inn, Christy Lodge, The Westin, Avon Center) just to name a few – their view of Avon is a nice friendly Colorado Ski Resort Town located at the entrance to Beaver Creek…

Apparently, Avon’s Police Chief – Robert Ticer – hasn’t gotten the message.  Robert Ticer is a lawbreaker himself – as the ECT evidence reported earlier this year (Click Here)

Police Chief Ticer it seems has a different message he wants to Communicate to Avon’s prospective Tourists, Seasonal Guests, second Homeowners and of course to folks who live and work here – that all help pay his salary.

Take Avon’s main exit (east or west bound) off I-70 and this is how Avon’s Chief Ticer – chooses to greet you!  This sign with his threat has been up and in place for weeks.

Is this how a well-run and managed Resort Town should greet their Guests?  The taxpaying Citizens that live here?

Does any other Town in Eagle County communicate with their citizens and guests this way?  By setting up signs and issuing Police threats?  Answer: NO!

What’s wrong with “Welcome to Avon, please drive carefully and enjoy your stay with us!”

Just exactly what is wrong with these people running Avon today?  Police Chief Robert Ticer has a boss – Avon’s Town Manager – Larry Brooks who seems to have grown senile in his advanced age, and in the process seems to have lost all touch with the Town that pays his salary.

Consider:  Is there any wonder why Avon’s City Council was unable to reach a reasonable settlement in their lawsuit with Plaintiff and Avon developer Traer Creek – when this is how they choose to treat (condone/encourage?) threats against their own Citizens and Tourists driving through their town?

The ECT has told you many times…there is something very broken in Avon – a thought you might want to consider the next time you might consider doing private sector business with one of Avon’s City Council members.

3 responses

  1. Great. Every local tourist economy around here struggling to make some money, and this jack booted police chief decides the best way to help his town of Avon is to start threatening people as soon as they exit I-70 in avon. Who hired this guy?

  2. This reminds me of how Eagle, where for years — and maybe to this day — there was a prominent “Do Not Enter” sign on the town’s main street, Broadway, as drivers approached heading west on Highway 6.

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