From the Street – with a little Humor this week

Matt Dillon’s Dodge City? Strange, but the ECT never noticed any cross-dressing, drag queens working in the newspaper media in Matt’s Town of Dodge City.  HA!  Perhaps they were in an episode of TV’s Gunsmoke that the ECT might have missed.

Sadly, the ECT reports the passing of Clayton Moore’s contemporary – James Arness (88) this past week – whose iconic character – Matt Dillon defended the streets of Dodge City against all who would threaten his town.  Matt’s TV series Gunsmoke ran for 20 years – from 1955 to 1975.  Interestingly, James real life younger brother – Peter Graves was the star in TV’s ‘Mission Impossible’ that ran from 1966-1973.  Remember, “Good morning, Mr. Phelps”?

Avon’s new Palazzo Pavelich coming along nicely!

Located just north of Avon’s I-70 exit is what the ECT refers to as Palazzo Pavelich – scheduled for completion this Fall 2011.  Jim Pavelich as everyone knows is the Publisher of the Vail Mountaineer – and as far as the ECT knows – has NEVER been known to ‘cross-dress’ for any reason at anytime.

Also of note this week – is Jim’s General Contractor – local George Shaeffer Construction who in spite of our ‘zoomed-in’ photo from above – are actually a bit ahead of their construction schedule.  Quite the balancing act with those shovel’s guys!

Sanity Prevailed – Last Week –

House Republicans pushed back on Environmental Extremism last week – and the Obama Administration stepped back…and as usual the Daily Fishwrap and VM newspapers – flat didn’t report it.  (Click Here)  The GOP led House put an end to the Administrations plan to restore eligibility for federal wilderness protection to millions of acres of undeveloped Federal land.  This doesn’t mean the land will be developed – only that Extremism won’t control the use/outcome of this land that belongs to all of us.

Local Unhappy News – Last week…

Not withstanding local Juris Doctors – Rohn Robbins and Beth Ayres were both in front of your elected Board of County Commissioners last week – defending the financial interests of local Drug Dealers.

Drug Dealers?  Yes, if you choose to admit as evidence – the fact that Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug under current Federal law.  Possession of it, under Federal law is a crime.

Not withstanding Rohn’s current work at the Chairman of Vail Valley’s Charitable Fund – you might want to consider this fact when choosing your next lawyer.

3 responses

  1. Kimosabe says…Since when does a copy/paste from Associated Press mean that a (news organization?) has copied a story.
    They also didn’t mention what happened 69 years ago – to the date, today June 6th.
    Do you even know what ‘Operation Overlord’ even was? If you got our blast email this AM – you would!

    In any event enjoy your job at the VD…

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