Lake Dillon – Water Wise Wednesday?

by Gunga Din

Hydro logically speaking…The ECT thought you’d be interested.  Summit County’s Lake Dillon is owned an operated by a legal entity called ‘Denver Water’.  Obviously, in anticipation of a big Blue River ‘run off’ this season, Denver Water has lowered the level of Lake Dillon to historic lows.  Where did all that water go?  Pumped over the Continental Divide and into Reservoirs in the foothills west of Denver.

Gunga Din here – guessing the lake level down about 30-40 feet judging from the photos taken last Wednesday!  If you look carefully – in the photo of the ‘drain’ you can see the vehicle of the Armed Guard that patrols the dam each and every day.  Denver Water – does not allow vehicles to drive across the dam after 10PM each day.  Judging from that loaded Beretta we saw on the guards hip – they mean it.


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