NOAA Weather Station – Coming to Eagle County, Colorado

by Mark Trail

Eagle County Colorado is on target to receive our own brand new NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter-Station this summer.

On the off chance that –  39 degrees North 46 minutes and 22 seconds, 106 degrees West 46 minutes and 3 seconds…means nothing to you – the other name of the new NOAA Weather Station Transmitter Antennae (location) is called Castle Peak (10,945ft) just North of the Town of Eagle.

Faster than you can say…Narrow Band – Frequency Modulation this new tower will broadcast at 300 Watts on a frequency of 162.450 Mhz.

While our two closest NOAA Weather Radio Stations (Glenwood Springs – WWG43 at 162.50Mhz) and Steamboat Springs (KWN56 at 162.525Mhz) obviously have their own Radio Call signs the new Station set for Eagle County – hasn’t had ours assigned just yet. We’d like to suggest WWECT as the most appropriate Radio Call sign for our new NOAA station!  After all the EagleCountyTimes has had a web link to the NOAA audio radio stream from (Glenwood Springs) for 2+ years now – and besides the ECT thinks Mark Trail would want it that way!

So what’s all this gonna do for “me”?

Well for one thing – that inexpensive Weather Radio you purchased at the local discount store will work now.  It didn’t before because the NOAA signal from our closet station Glenwood Springs at 100 Watts just wasn’t enough.

It also means we’ll receive NOAA SAME weather alerts for up to the minute warnings for snow storm/road conditions and possible spring flooding alerts of our Eagle River.

Stay tuned to the ECT for more NOAA Weather Station news – and watch out for our local politicians tripping all over themselves trying take credit for the work of others – at the NOAA Press event scheduled in Eagle County for later this summer!  ECT photo below of Castle Peak summit – a.k.a. MegaHertz Mountain.  Mark Trail says if your Dad is patient – you might consider a NOAA Weather Radio for Fathers Day.  It should be working just fine here in Eagle County – well before Labor Day.

In the meantime you might consider a visit to the web site – WildFire Today that does a much better job of keeping you informed as to why of the Smoke filled Eagle County skies – from last weekend.


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