Vail Mountaineer – Packs it in

by Perry White

Great Caesar’s Ghost!

While Vail Mountaineer Publisher Jim Pavelich is still investing in – local real estate – what the ECT calls “Palazzo Pavelich” in Avon (Click here) Jim’s decided to pack it in – when it comes to his two print newspapers in Colorado.

Both the Denver Daily News and Vail Mountaineer have stopped publishing.

What to expect going forward?  Look for the VD to offer (new/return?) print Advertisers a short term ‘special advertising deal’.  Just to get you ‘back in the boat’ in a matter of speaking – then over time…return to their formerly monopolistic print advertising practices…Circa 2008

Meanwhile the ECT still going strong.  The ECT’s Monday morning blast email now reaching just under 5,000 email inboxes (confirmed).  Thousands read the ECT each week.

If you’d like to continue to support Eagle County’s Independent News Media – contact us at Staff@EagleCountyTimes-dot-Com and we can get your online Ad up quickly and affordably.

ECT’s photo?  Associate VM Publisher – Erinn Hoban-Chavez showing she can float anybody’s boat.  Clearly, no need to do any ‘cross-dressing’ here.

Correction:  Yesterday’s (Monday’s blast email) incorrectly referred to D-day in 1942.  It was 1944 to be correct.  Thanks ECT reader (a veteran) for catching that!

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  1. Well it looks to me like miss erinn may have a future as a model for the ski nautique, water skiing company.

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