National Weather Service – Stops by

by the Weather Folks

As the ECT reported last week – Eagle County, Colorado is on schedule to receive our own National Weather Service (NOAA Weather Station/Transmitter/Antenna) to be installed this summer on Castle Peak in Eagle, Colorado.  (Click Here)

In anticipation of this Summers event – National Weather Service/NOAA Engineers (left Michael Martinez – right Chris Kornkven) stopped by the ECT’s Weather Station this past week for a look see – of current Radio Signal levels received from NWS Station WWG43 – in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  WWG43 is currently Eagle County’s closest NOAA Weather Station broadcasting from the top of Sunlight Peak – ~45 West of Eagle County.

The piece of equipment shown here is called Spectrum Analyzer – and as you would expect has a bit more ‘horsepower’ than the things on the shelf you find at your local Radio Shack.  By the way – Avon’s Radio Shack (Click Here) – was one of the EagleCountyTimes.Com first Advertisers and a good place to shop for that NOAA Weather Radio your dad has always wanted for Fathers Day!

The ECT runs a web page link (right hand margin) to the currently Streaming Audio from WWG43.  ECT has had that link for years.  Soon the Audio quality will be improved greatly when our new Eagle County based Transmitter starts working at a broadcast power of 300 Watts.

Stay tuned, more good news coming.

Mountain Tech-E’s Meetup – 6:00PM Monday, June 13th 2011 – E-Town Restaurant Edwards

All are Welcome.  You can ‘bone-up’ at the latest ‘Meet-up’ held by local Technology Folks this Monday nite.  Long time local Mike Beltracchi is the Organizer and tonight’s topic is a pitch about Internet Marketing Tools & Local Hospitality Applications.

Be sure to bring your SmartPhone and iPad if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Everyone knows – its a brave new Internet Marketing world out there – this months Pitch intended to give you and your business the competitive edge/information over what your competitor knows today.

See you there.


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