This Week’s Photo Files – from in and Around Town

by Peter Parker Photography!

ECT Challenge – Can you place the Photo Caption with the Correct photo?

Give it a try –

1 – Hey!  I thought there use to be a Rock in this River photo – there was one here sometime last week

2  How! Our favorite local Podiatrist – Dr. Michael Schneider

3 – All Around Super Athlete – Mike Kloser and pretty wife Emily!

4 – Why do you think they call it a Flood Plain, Edwards?

5 – The ‘man headed to the stand’ – Cordillera Transition Corporation, Chairman – Bob Vanourek!

6 – Folks should know – I have Lobster and Champagne almost every nite!  Birthday Girl last week – Mrs. Clayton Moore

7 – I’m a just Radio Guy – How does this dang camera work anyway – KZYR – ‘True local Radio’ personality – Tony Mauro

8 – Will the Real Colorado State Senator White, please stand up!  Al and now Senator Jean White – under the watchful eye of local financier Charlie Wick!

9 – I Assess your Property!  Yippie!   I U.S Mail you your Property Tax Bill and then Collect it…Snicker, Snicker…and I’m a taxpayer who has to pay it!!!  – Eagle County Assessor (Mark Chapin) – Eagle County Treasurer Karen Sheaffer and former Eagle County Commissioner Johnnette Phillips!  The one paying the bill is the one NOT smiling!


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