David Wilhelm – Cordillera Plaintiff – Has Restraining Order issued against him

by Paul Drake and Della street

Lots happened at the District Courthouse last week – involving the ongoing civil litigation with all Cordillera Property owners, Cordillera Golf Club members – and original plaintiff – David Wilhelm and his Wilhelm Family Partnership.

The opening salvo – everyone is aware that Wilhelm recently sued the Cordillera Property Owners (et al) in Eagle County District Court (Click Here).

What happened last week – was a new lawsuit naming David Wilhelm (et al) as defendants (Click Here).  As luck would have it – District Court Judge Fred Gannett was named as the Judge in that new lawsuit and we know Judge Gannett is the Judge in the original lawsuit as well.

Now the interesting part – that newest lawsuit was filed with a request for (it’s now been granted by Gannett) for a Temporary Restraining Order against David Wilhelm (et al) – (Click Here)


Seems the Plaintiff’s and Cordillera Golf Course members – that the new lawsuit was filed on behalf of – “want to know where their money (read: membership dues) is”.

Wilhelm has been ordered by Judge Gannett – to hire a CPA to account for (including monthly audits) the ~$8 Million recently collected by Wilhelm for Cordillera Golf Membership dues paid.  Those Golf Club members were assured (in writing) by Wilhelm – that (ECT paraphrasing) that if you pay your dues, I will open all 4 Cordillera Golf courses this summer.  Wilhelm took the Dues – then in return only opened 1 of the 4 Golf courses – the Cordillera Valley Club.  Obviously the dues paying members of the Cordillera Golf Club – want to know where their money is and have used the Restraining Order legal process – to find out.

Pending the results of that CPA Audit – the District Attorney’s office told an ECT contributor last week – that D.A. Hurlbert’s office may look at any new evidence from the Court ordered audit that (possibly could) move this case in a (criminal direction) as opposed to the civil direction these cases are now in…

What to expect next?  Follow the money.  Review the evidence gathered from the recently, Court ordered Audit – then we’ll see what action (if any) the D.A’s office may or may not take.

Also filed at the Eagle County District Courthouse was “the answer and Counterclaim” by the Defendants from Wilhelm’s original lawsuit. (Click Here)

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