ECT Humor this Week – Economic Recovery – Obama Style

by the Average American

CHECK YOUR MAIL – Just wanted to let you know today – via U.S. Mail the ECT received our 2011 Obama Stimulus Package.  It contained two Watermelon Seeds, Cornbread Mix, and 10 coupons for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The directions were in Spanish.  Hope you get yours soon too!


3 responses

  1. wow….reading Yokel is as much fun as the ECT–lol lol lol!

    So Yokel– if i say i just got mailed two grains of rice, a box of Rice a Roni and…horror of horrors…..ten coupons for Chinese take out, i am on a racist rant?!

    If yes, good Lord–may He help us all—we have lost our everloving minds….

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