Last Week – EC School District–Angers local Voters

by Clayton Moore

It seems the majority of (our elected) Eagle County School District Board – and our Superintendent Dr. Sandra Smyser – are willing to do just about anything to get you to support a new permanent (via mill levy) Property Tax increase.

Now the ECSD is spending more of your Taxpayer money – to pay for a new Telephone Poll targeted at Eagle County registered voters.

The School Board’s technique is called a “push poll” and folks who have already been contacted by phone – have contacted the ECT.  They were not happy.  Not even close.

What’s a “push poll”?

It’s a Poll where the question’s creator – “suggests the answer they want” – in the Poll’s question.

Examples:  Do you support good Schools and good Teachers in Eagle County?  Do you support smaller class sizes and adequate Teacher pay in Eagle County?  Do you support good School facilities with the latest technology in our County Classrooms?  Now you get the idea of how a Push Poll works…

Obviously, the Poll questions were contrived by the School District to produce an intended outcome…Fair and Balanced?  You decide!  This is why so many upset registered voters contacted the ECT last week…

In response the EagleCountyTimes.Com has our own Poll – targeted at the School District Board and Dr. ($181,000/yr.) Smyser.

1.)   Are you aware that our Vail Valley Medical Center just announced 22 new Job layoffs – due to the Hospital’s financial burdens of implementing Obamacare?

2.)  Are you aware that the Vail Mountaineer print newspaper just went out of business, and took 6 more County Jobs (minimum) when they closed their doors last month?  VM Publisher Jim Pavelich reported to the ECT that – folks weren’t paying their print Advertising bills.  Do you believe folks who can’t afford to pay their business Advertising bills – are going to (instead) vote to support a new Property Tax increase?

3.)  Are you aware that County Taxpayers are paying ~$1 more for each gallon of Gasoline they consume today vs. the same time last year?  Food prices are also up at local Grocery stores due in part to higher delivery fuel costs.

4.) Are you aware that ~40 more County Jobs were just lost at the Cordillera Golf Course – due to the ongoing civil litigation?

5.)  Are you aware that the County’s home Foreclosure’s YTD number is (255) – and the job losses listed above will only contribute to more Foreclosures?  Not to mention that Public School Student enrollment is way down due to families leaving Eagle County – to find work elsewhere.

6.)  How much more “out of touch” could you, our elected Eagle County School Board be with our Community today?

Local voters who contacted the ECT last week – were “hopping mad” to see how their public school tax money was being spent – not for education per se – rather used for the purpose of getting even more Property Tax money from Eagle County taxpayers.  The ECT has already reported that the EC Taxpayer is on the hook for $230 Million in long term School District Bond Debt!  (Click Here)

ECT’s question:  Just exactly – what is wrong with our County’s elected School board?


4 responses

  1. I’m a little disappointed you guys didn’t dig deeper into VVMC’s lay off announcement, the amount of inconsistencies and contradictions in it are staggering – It doesn’t surprise me that the VD printed whatever the VVMC PR department told them but I expect more from our friends at the ECT who have a top notch B.S. radar.

    I disagree with a lot of your coverage on ECS – but that’s why I’m a fan of you guys because I appreciate the alternate view. Keep it up.

    • Yeah…ECT heard a bunch of stuff (all verbal) about the VVMC lay offs…Issue that the ECT had with that topic was – all info and updates (just verbal). ECT loves our ever popular [Click Here’s] to document and anchor our stories…

      ECT didn’t have any documented info on the specifics of the VVMC lay offs. Don’t like writing stories based 100% on conjecture.

      Feel free to pass on (anonymously) any info you can share. The Daily Fishwrap (a.k.a. Vail Daily) unlikely to report anything negitive about one of their print Advertisers…that just one reason the ECT refers to their editor as “Editor half the story” (which is actually a complement) because most of the time (you’ve noticed) he’s really “Editor, no story”.

      Many+1 complaints received at the ECT – about the fact the Fishwrap has wasted no time JACKING their print advertising rates…

  2. Questions-does ECT know the answers?

    * Is this poll a result of the School District Budget Committee (comprised of the EC public) recommendation to our elected school board?

    * About 15 people serve on this schools public Budget Committee–who are they by name/association/affiliation?

    * How much did this poll cost?

    * Who paid for it?

    “Eagle County Schools form budget committee-Eagle County school officials want the public to weigh in on cuts”

    -The Eagle County School District plans to form a committee charged with identifying possible cuts to expenses in 2011-12.

    Teachers, parents and community members are invited to join the committee, he said.

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    read more;

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