#1 EagleCountyTimes.Com vs #2 Vail Daily

by Clayton Moore

Seems the folks that run the Yahoo.com Internet SEARCH ENGINE have no trouble deciding who is #1 when it comes to the real news in Eagle County, Colorado – perhaps your business advertising budget should take a look too!

ECT pleased to report  – Screen shot below – taken on Sunday, July 3rd 2011

If getting County news – others won’t report is important to you and your business – then it’s time to support the EagleCountyTimes.Com.

Stories like what, ECT?  The EC School Districts “push poll”, Cordillera’s Civil litigation with all the (Click here’s) to the public record legal documents, and reporting using Videos of your Eagle County Commissioners – violating Federal Drug law.

The best way to support the ECT?  Buy an online Ad.  Our Advertisers have a custom made (it’s very affordable) online Ad that fits in our right margin.  ECT can link to Facebook or the Social Media of your choice.  The online Ads are of course ‘clickable’ and will take your customers straight to your web site and your business.

Our weekly blast email puts your online Ad via our ECT web site into over 4,500 Email inboxes each week – CONFIRMED!

Contact the ECT via email at (Staff@EagleCountyTimes.com) for more information.

If you’re just a bit too busy – or you’re a second home owner that wants to keep track of the Cordillera litigation or a Vail second home owner that wants to keep an eye on the School District’s efforts to raise your Property Taxes – then consider making a generous donation to the ECT to help defer our costs.

With the Vail Daily now back to their monopolistic pricing for print Advertising – consider that the Vail Mountaineer no longer exists – it’s time to support your #1 Independent News Media outlet – the EagleCountyTimes.Com

Just CLICK on the button below!


3 responses

  1. Congrats to the Eagle County Times for some great SEO work and for providing a real and honest publication! Another such place for Colorado News is the Mountain Weekly News. Just read an article on back links vs banner ads. Would love to share the info, lets chat!

    • Mike,

      Having WordPress (corporate?) host our EagleCountyTimes.Com web site…ECT “can’t dig into nor modify” the underlying HTML code.
      So, believe it or not the ECT has NEVER DONE ANY – SEO work/modifcation nor anything else!!!! OUr rank is our rank – at Yahoo.
      Yes, ECT a bit surprised too! No arguing with the Yahoo results, though!

      Please send an email to Staff@EagleCountyTimes-dot-com with a cell phone and a time we can call!!!

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