From the Street

by the local Economic Indicator

Reported to the ECT this past week…Could Avon actually be waking up?

Avon’s always open Denny’s Restaurant reportedly in talks with national pharmacy chain Walgreen’s to take over Denny’s location just off I-70 in Avon.  Avon’s Planning and Zoning – it was reported to the ECT – overruled Avon’s Staff recommendation and approved Walgreen’s application including a desired west-side drive-through window for customer (pharmacy?) pickup.

This represents a radical and greatly improved attitude with the leadership in the Town of Avon – compared to the days when Avon’s Council stood idly by – and watched national restaurant chains – (Pizza Hut and Outback Steak House) close their restaurants take their jobs and leave Avon.

It’s about time.  ECT gang still not sure why Avon’s Town Staff – would object (they did) to a new Sales Tax generating business moving into Avon and taking the place of a business presumably leaving.  Isn’t the Sales Tax generated used to pay Town Staff’s salaries?

In any event – this is good news for all up-valley residences that can now look forward to increased private sector competition for Pharmacies.  City Market’s, Wal~Mart, Safeway and now Walgreen’s should help keep prescription drug prices in check up valley.

Now, anybody have any ideas on how to inject more competition in up-valley gasoline prices?

How about more Happy News this week, ECT?  OK! says the Gang at the ECT – Judge by the “the Company we keep!”




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