Business Focus – Gypsum Animal Hospital

by the ECT’s – Pet Vet

Do you love your Pet?

The ECT gang knows some folks that love to help you take care of your Pet! – Dr. Steve Sheldon, DVM  and his team of Gypsum based professionals at the Gypsum Animal Hospital.

Dr. Steve’s Team – understands how you feel about your Pet.  Dr. Steve has an ‘open door’ policy at his Hospital – that encourages you to see how his team takes care of your Pet.  Why not!  Stop by on your way to/from Gypsum Daze next weekend!

Be sure to ask Dr. Steve about his “affordable Health Care Memberships” – designed to help save money and take better care of your Pet.  (Click Here)

To learn more about the Gypsum Animal Hospital and speak to Dr. Steve directly call (970-524-3647) or better yet – stop in and visit the GAH at – 680 Red Table Drive, Gypsum, CO  81637.  You’ll be glad you did!


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