From the Street

by the Soothsayer

Hold on to your hats!  This coming week at ‘Courthouse Cordillera’ promises more action than a Spanish language Soap Opera.  Being an ECT reader you know where you need to be to get the latest Court filed Public Record documents…Avon’s litigation with Traer Creek should be in the mix too, with new public information on tap for next week.  Our lady (Ms. Jan) of “What?  Eagle River Station – Not in my back yard!” has a new website to share – with up to date information on Eagle River Stations most recent (re-application?) now filed with the Town of Eagle.  The new website?  www.AllAboutEagle.Com  It also boasts current Videos (YouTube) of Eagle’s Planning and Zoning public meetings thanks to the efforts of Ms. Brandi Resa.  One wonders where Ms. Resa gets her online-video-website ideas.

Lord knows you’ll never catch the EV Enterprise doing (videoing) something like that….By the way – just where is Austin Richardson when we need him?  Last reported hanging out at the Security entrance to Bachelor Gulch…the last time the ECT was told.

What to do with all this RAIN we’ve had lately?

Answer – Photograph the Aftermath – if you can find a local black-billed Magpie on a rooftop to help you!

Just click on the photo to enlarge it!

Where is the Pot of Gold? ECT’s Guess – Gypsum Daze 2011 – That’s Where!

ECT’s staff Photographer Peter Parker took a few days off last week – but did pass on a few more photos from his efforts at a recent 4th of July parade!


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