Avon – Suddenly the worst place in Eagle County – to own Property?

by the Tax Man

You can bet your local Real Estate professional won’t mention it.

How is it that Avon has suddenly become the worst place in Eagle County – to own property?

The ECT will show you!

Friday, July 22nd 2011 was a very important day for County Taxing Authorities.  Turns out they all were required to Officially Notify the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders Office – of their intent – to have a November Ballot issue.  Mind you this was ONLY the official notification to the County Clerk – that said Taxing Authority “needs space” on this November’s Ballot.  Their Ballot language has yet to be set.

WARNING:  Eagle County Registered (and not Registered Voters)  This November’s Ballot SHALL BE a U.S. Mail-in Ballot ONLY!  No polling places will be used this November.  Make sure you are Registered to vote with your current U.S. Mailing address on file at the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office.  (Click Here to Register)

So, ECT which Taxing authorities officially notified the County Clerk?

Eagle County School District  (Proposed permanent Property Tax increase – in the face of declining Public School Student Enrollment)  Don’t forget that Colorado State Senator Rollie Heath (D) – is circulating a petition to include an ADDITIONAL Colorado State wide tax on this November’s ballot aimed at more money for public education (Click Here).

Eagle River Fire Protection District (Avon, Edwards, Singletree, Cordillera) – (likely to propose a Property Tax increase – via increased Mill Levy)  Count on it.

The Town of Avon – threatening Avon taxpayers with (2) November ballot issues to increase taxes in Avon.

Perhaps this explains why so many properties are now for sale in Avon!

The message is clear from these Taxing authorities –

1 –  We’re determined to ignore the present anemic state of our County’s economy.  We want more money from you to pay for our agenda.

2 – We’re determined to ignore our County’s present Unemployment Rate – that is fueling County Home Foreclosures – now at (282 – YTD)

3 – We’re determined to ignore our County’s shrinking population due to local Job Loss forcing more families with homes into Foreclosure.  Remember! Don’t dare ask the School District why they need more money to educate fewer Students.

3 – We Taxing authorities don’t see ourselves as ‘team players’ in our Community – we know, what we want…and we expect you taxpayers – to pay for it!  In fact in Avon – we’ll give you two chances (read; two ballot issues) for tax increases so you can enjoy paying twice – after you pay more Property Taxes to both the School and Fire Districts!

4 – Lest we all forget in addition to above…the Whitehouse is now pushing for new Federal Tax increases – in their negotiations with leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Isn’t it about time to ask yourself if any of these Taxing Authorities is truly representing you?  Your family?  Your Employer and the Job you and your wife have with them?  With all these new proposed Taxes how do you and your wife plan to maintain a reasonable standard of living for your family?

The ECT encourages all Taxpayers to end this taxing insanity on your November 2011 Ballot.  Government and these County Taxing Authorities have gotten too big across every level.


One response

  1. Re ECT and “Eagle County School District (Proposed permanent Property Tax increase – in the face of declining Public School Student Enrollment) .”
    Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers:

    “July 22, 2011 Bad time to ask for higher tax”

    The school board and administrators are deluding themselves about the hard work ahead keeping their fiscal house in order if they persist in putting this question on the ballot.

    As is the Avon Town Council thinking their constituents will agree to a sales and/or lodge tax increase for their “free” bus system and promotion for town events.

    In other words: What are they thinking? Or, more bluntly, are they thinking?

    This may be blunt DR but is spot on–> > > ” Or, more bluntly, are they thinking?” < < < —-

    I think the ECT's has been asking the same thing for a while now.

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