The Journalistic Standards at the Vail Daily

by – not in a Coma


How would you like your personal 15 minutes of fame served up on the full color Front Page of the Vail Daily?

Well last week a picture of  “Houston resident Curt Ross” was shown emerging from a collection of portable toilets located at CDOT’s rest stop on Vail Pass.  (Click Here)

Imagine the thrill and excitement Mr. Ross’s –  friends and family experienced back in Houston – when they saw Mr. Curt’s color picture on the front page – of last Monday’s Vail Daily…via of course the Daily’s Internet Edition.  The Fishwrap’s story was written by their so called Business Editor – Scott Miller – their photo?  Fishwrap photographer – Kristin Anderson.  Obviously big Pulitzer potential with these two hanging out on the top of Vail Pass – looking for real ‘news stories’.

Why does the ECT refer to this so called newspaper crew as “the Daily Fishwrap”?  See if you can figure that one out.


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