Eagle County’s Bond and Red Cliff Post Offices–now on the Postal Service’s list for Closure

by Ben Franklin’s progeny

With 3,700 U.S. Postal Service – Post Offices set to close (Click Here) Colorado’s especially rural Post Offices are now at risk of being closed.

Eagle County, Colorado’s Post Office (to be closed) include Bond and Red Cliff.  For the current (28JUL2011) U.S. Post Office – proposed closure list for Colorado (Click hereInterestingly, at the same time the Postal Service is determining what Post Offices to close – they’re also looking for business partners.

Specifically, businesses that are interested in applying for a contract with the Postal Service to start a ‘Village Post Office’ in their community can contact the Post Office – by (Clicking Here)

The EagleCountyTimes.Com encourages communities interested in ‘keeping their local Post Office’ to contact a suitable businesses in their area and discuss how they could become a ‘Village Post Office’ – as the Post Office refers to them.  Rickey Johnson in the U.S. Postal Service in Denver would be happy to discuss that with you – (303) 743.1266  The ECT believes this would be a much more productive use of you time than contacting your U.S. Senator or House Representative.

What will the future of Post Office’s in rural areas look like?

Many believe that the grocery stores (i.e. Safeway/Costco) that sell Postage Stamps today – will be given the opportunity to provide more Postal Services to customers (in rural areas?) in the future.  Many expect that Wal~Mart stores (that already have example – McDonalds in them) will some day also have Post Offices as well.

Time will tell.


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