From the Street

by  Rumored to be True

Sporting the ECT’s famous Veuve Clicquot sunglasses Corey Hart…er…former Eagle County Commissioner Tom Stone is back resident on the local scene again.  Tom’s months long Consulting gigs took him between the geography of the PAC-10 all the way back to the Southeast Conference – now Tom’s back here in Dodge with a handful of cash and his usual quick wit.  Contact the ECT if you need Tom’s new cell phone number.  Whaddya’ suppose Tom’s lookin’ at?

Multi-year Cordillera Golf Course Champion  John “Mort” Mulliken – was recently given the chance to defend himself in County Court – after two of Eagle County Sheriff’s department Deputies ticketed Mort after completing 9 holes (ECT readers will note – Mort shot a 34).  Seems Mr. Mulliken and (Cordillera Golf course owner) Mr. Wilhelm are disputing Mort’s access rights to said Golf Course.  So far the Eagle County Sheriff’s office has sided with Mr. Wilhelm – citing Mr. Mulliken with a Court Date very soon.  The story goes the two Deputies allowed/watched Mort finish his stellar Putt on the 9th green before handing Mort his Courthouse paperwork.

You know – we’ve always pictured these Avon Councilmembers this way…

Shown here – Avon Town Council member (and professional excavator) always smilein’ Buzz Reynolds – digging himself (as is the custom for Avon’s Councilmembers) into a hole that will be hard to get out of!  Given how Avon property owners will likely face four proposed TAX INCREASES on November’s Ballot  – the ECT insists what’s actually going on here – is Buzz is actually digging for Buried Treasure in hopes of being able to pay his taxes!!!  Buzz is the owner, excavator and builder for his 4-plex project proudly telling one ECT contributor “I got two sold” so far in this economy!  Buzz’s latest project is right next to the (still unmanned) Avon-Wildridge Fire Station.  Contact Buzz at C 970.904.4226 for more information or (Click Here) if you don’t like dialing.  And you can tell that Eagle Fire Protection District – Chief Charlie Moore W 970.748.4732 – he can go ‘pound sand’ with his proposed Property Tax increase too!

A New local Business – Aimed at protecting you!

Long time local Mortgage Money guy – Chris Neuswangner – is launching a new business venture – that is aimed at protecting what you own.  Notwithstanding what the President (what’s ‘is name?) and Congress have done to the value of our dollars and property assets – Chris’s new company (Colorado Home Inventory Solutions, Inc.) is designed to catalog (read: digitize evidence) of your property’s physical assets – just in case the unthinkable happens.  Considering all the unthinkable things happening today inside the Washington, D.C. beltway – the ECT thinks Chris’s new business has something of real value to offer you.  Chris’s online Ad just to the right on this weeks column.

Don’t you think it’s time for your Ad to be online too?  No point in having YOUR Important Ad – being used to wrap days old fish, is it? Contact the ECT.

The Bad News – the BoCC still refuses to ‘get it’

The Good News? – the BoCC understands that ‘Public Access’ is a key component to the proposed Edwards/Homestead Open Space purchase.

County Commissioner Jon Stavney reponded to an inquiry from the ECT this week – ECT trying to determine how much (if any) Public Access (read: parking) is part of the proposed Open Space purchase in Edwards/Homestead.

Stavney acknowledge (for the first time ever – for the BoCC) that public access can/should/is an important consideration of the proposed purchase.  No kidding Jon.  ECT delighted that our BoCC seems to be breaking with the precedent set earlier by Jon’s peers – Sara Fisher and Peter Runyon.

Comment:  If all County property owners – property taxes are going to be used for this purchase in the Homestead neighborhood – shouldn’t that taxpayer expect reasonable access (parking) to that County Open Space site?

Stay tuned.


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