Business Opportunity – Courthouse Lemonade Stand

by Lucy Van Pelt

Business is Booming at the Eagle County District Courthouse.

ECT currently looking for investors in our new money making business opportunity – running the Lemonade Stand in front of our local Courthouse.

Last week Dr. William Sterret announced he is suing his former employer – the Steadman Clinic.

The line at the ECT’s lemonade stand is getting longer with Dr. Sterret now standing in line with this summers fresh crop of lawsuits…

– Town of Avon vs. Developer Traer Creek

– The Wilhelm Family Partnership vs. everything with a pulse in Cordillera – and those with a Pulse countersued Wilhelm.

– Vail’s Four Season’s litigation, that had to move from the District Courthouse because all the lawyers at the start of the case, didn’t fit in the Courthouse!

– East West Partners Bankruptcy case involving hundreds of millions in property at North Lake Tahoe.

– Former Eagle County Sheriff’s Department employee Kim Andree’s sues current Eagle County Sheriff – Joe Hoy alleging age and gender discrimination.

– Every single County Home Foreclosure (305 YTD) represents a unique Case for a Judge to rule on.

The ECT could go on and on.  The ECT even received a phone call this week asking the ECT to overlook another (new) land use lawsuit…of miniscule proportions compared to East West’s troubles.

Anyone else just a little bothered by all this happening in our Community?

Our Community could use a little rehab, don’t you think?

Start (actually stop) with the County Commissioners addiction to spending millions on Open Space.  This crew’s addiction to spending your tax money makes Amy Winehouse look like Mother Teresa.  Start talking about private sector job creation Commissioners.

Next our private sector needs to grow, and create new jobs, not just jobs for litigators.  This will help slow/stop the continuing erosion of the value we have in our homes.  Job creation will also help improve the ramped home foreclosure rate – now in it’s third year.  The Daily Fishwrap needs to start reporting the news instead of just ignoring it – because it makes a print advertiser look bad.  The Fishwraps “Editor half the story” has reinvented himself on this (still ignored) East West Partners story – he now known around the ECT as “Editor no story”.

No New Taxes.  Enough said.  Stop throwing money at local non-profits whose main purpose is to perpetuate the existence of their own non-profit.

The ‘glass half full’ crowd (some realtors in particular) need to put their glass down and take a hard look at what’s happing around them.

If Standard and Poor’s is willing to do that – then perhaps we all need to start too.


One response

  1. Speaking of Open Space and our County commissioners

    Does Union Pacific Railroad trump Eagle County commissioners?! ( …. unlike the federal government with their marijuana laws vs state and county laws we are told….)

    Just wondering cuz—– ( according to said county commissioners vs Union Pacific Railroad) “County officials say they don’t need the railroad’s permission, at least not right now” — to cross the railroads property to access the Open Space parcel.


    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Union Pacific Railroad is urging the county commissioners to delay an open space purchase until the railroad decides IF it will let the Eagle County taxpaying public cross its property.

    “County officials say they don’t need the railroad’s permission, at least not right now”

    The commissioners are poised to spend $690,000 on the 17-acre Cochrane property along the Colorado River for a public boat launch area. The deal is scheduled to close today.


    Read more;

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