Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy – Sued

by Clayton Moore

In the most recent (2010) election cycle – the ECT ran a series of articles – questioning the suitability of Eagle County’s Sheriff Joe Hoy – in Hoy’s re-election bid.

Hoy went on to win that election (by the narrowest of margins) facing two challengers (Charles Wolf from his own Department) and James Van Beek as a returning military veteran.

Last week the ECT learned the questioning of Sheriff Hoy hasn’t stopped.

Former Eagle County Sheriff’s Department employee Kim Andree sued her former boss Joe Hoy in U.S. District Court last week both individually and in Hoy’s elected capacity as Eagle County Sheriff.

A copy of that public record lawsuit can be found by (Clicking Here)

Ms. Andree’s Suit alleges –

– Violation of her Civil Rights

– Age Discrimination (Ms. Andree’s is over the age of 40)

– An employment “agreement” between her and Sheriff Hoy – that Hoy allegedly violated after Hoy was re-elected.

While Ms. Andree’s lawsuit is long on allegations – there was no supporting documentation filed with her Complaint last week.  Obviously, we’ll all learn more from the lawsuits discovery process.

County Taxpayers should note:  That while it was Sheriff Hoy that was Sued – in a sense Taxpayers have been sued too.  How so?  Taxpayers are ‘on the hook’ for the Insurance fees that insure Sheriff Hoy’s conduct while he’s acting in his official capacity.

If, repeat if, it can be shown in Court that Sheriff Hoy did not act appropriately and (instead?) acted deliberately as Ms. Andree’s allegations suggest – Sheriff Hoy may experience little if any defense from lawyers hired by the County’s Insurance Company…

Time will tell.


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