From the Street

by Rumor Control

Last week – in the ECT’s “From the Street section” the ECT reported that Cordillera Golf Course member – John “Mort” Mulliken was ticketed (July 27th while playing Golf at Cordillera) by the Eagle County’s Sheriff’s department.  Mort was ticketed for 3rd degree Criminal Trespass – a misdemeanor and will get to tell his side of the story in County Court at 8:30AM, September 7th 2011 – according to Mort’s now public record Police Report.

Mort was ticketed.  The Daily Fishwrap reported that Mort was arrested.  Mort was not.  The ECT happy to provide that correction for the Daily Fishwrap – since the Fishwrap didn’t correct itself the next day.

Interested parties can read the public record Eagle County Police Report – of Mort’s experience with two Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department by (Clicking Here).

CAUTION:  The ECT contributor that passed on this (original PDF) Police Report to the ECT – commented the EC Sheriff’s department is not very good “at redacting electronic copies” in their report – so unedited the ECT will pass that original Police Report on to you.  If anybody has a problem with that – contact the EC Sheriff’s Department – not the ECT.  The ECT is not in the business of (touching up?) public record information received from the Sheriff’s Department.

This weeks Tech News?

No one doubts that Apple’s iPhone (now in it’s 4th generation) has helped make Apple a very profitable company.  Reports this past week that iPhone challenger Android is outselling iPhones (worldwide) by a 5 -2 margin and now allegedly has 50% of the world market.  (Click Here)  Android is the name of the software that runs Droid SmartPhones.  There are several different hardware models of phones to choose from that use the Android software.  The Android software is owned and written by developers at Google.

If you’re concerned about your child’s athletic ability as it pertains to College Scholarships – you might consider buying them a laptop and teaching them how to program.  The kids at these big tech companies that write this phone software MAKE MILLIONS and are treated like royalty each day by their high-tech employers.  Don’t forget some of these (revenge of the nerds?) types have gone on to buy their own professional sports teams…just ask Bill Gates friend Paul Allen.

A Story for a long Airline Flight

If you like spy novels with ‘shoot ‘em up’ adventure stories – then a recent article printed in the New Yorker magazine may be for you.

The story concerns the Navy Seal’s raid on Bin Laden’s residence in Pakistan you’ve already heard about.  To download a copy of that story – (Click Here)

Local Real Estate Rumor of the Week

The Auction.  Last Saturday nite, 6PM bid time.  The Arrowhead trophy home you’ve been reading about – and the ECT earlier reported on (Click Here) Reports received at the ECT over the weekend – that there were only two bids.  The original bid at an alleged $6 Million and the alleged wining bid at $6.5 Million.  Rumors also circulating that the seller turned down about a $7 Million cash offer – just weeks before property went into Auction.  Ooops.

FACTOID:  The ECT proved earlier that the Eagle County Assessors office listed this property’s most recent value at $9.1 Million.

Too bad this new Arrowhead homeowner is outside the “time to protest your properties value” with the Office of the Assessor.  Don’t worry – there’s always next years property tax bill – that you’ll be able to call into question sometime in the next 18 months.

ECT Condolences to Eagle County’s Nottingham Family

Young Nathan Nottingham (a former U.S. Marine) passed on last week.  Semper Fi to the Nottingham family from the ECT!


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