Trouble with the Truth? Robert Veitch, Chairman, SOS Outreach

by – ECT Stands by the Evidence we Reported and made available to all

Robert Veitch is the Chairman of the Eagle County based, 501(c)3 nonprofit SOS Outreach – according to a letter printed in the Daily Fishwrap last week (Click Here).

The ECT ran a recent story (Click Here) about that non-profits Federal 501(c)3 2009 Tax Return.  As with all 501(c)3 non-profits their Federal Tax returns are Public Record and the ECT put their Tax Return online for your review in our original story.

In Mr. Veitch’s letter printed in the Vail Daily – he alleges that “90 percent of revenues going exclusively to running our programs”.


According to SOS Outreach’s (most recent 2009 Federal Tax Return – ECT could find) – “income $871,233.00” and Directory Arn Meconi’s Salary – $103,644.00.

That’s 14.9% of Total Income reported going into Mr. Menconi’s pocket, BEFORE the extensive “expenses of running the SOS Outreach operation” – were reported in the same Tax Return.

EITHER the Chairman of SOS Outreach isn’t telling you the truth, OR the numbers printed (and then legally signed for) on that Federal Tax return are simply not correct.  Either way, do you believe Mr. Veitch’s public statements concerning the amount of money that goes to his non-profit “cause” versus what money goes into just running his non-profit?

An ECT offer to Mr. Veitch…ECT happy to publish (PDF copy please) of Mr. Veitch’s (SOS Outreach) “audited financial statements” next to that same years – Federal Tax Return.

No doubt Mr. Veitch will be happy to respond quickly to the ECT’s offer.

ECT reports.  You decide.


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