Commissioner Peter Runyon – On President Obama’s Comments last week

by – just another Property Tax Payer

meanwhile last week…

President Obama – “our system is broken to a large degree”.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry – “America is not broken.  Washington, D.C. is broken.”

The ECT via Commissioner Peter Runyon’s video – will show you how to break things here in Eagle County.

The ECT has obtained this Public Record video of Eagle County Commissioner – Peter Ruynon (D) explaining at a recent meeting – just what is “broken” here in Eagle County, Colorado

Peter’s comments?  Centered on the local issue of (why we can’t) ‘Repeal our County’s Open Space Tax’ – Video is 42 seconds long – watch it.

Point 1 – Despite the weak condition of our local economy and runaway County home foreclosures (309 – YTD) – Runyon makes it perfectly clear – he’s against putting the question of the repeal of the County’s Open Space tax – on this November’s ballot.

Point 2 – Runyon’s personal attitude? – “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?” – or a greedy County government refusing to give local Taxpayers the opportunity of a voter supported Property Tax break – via this November’s Ballot?

Point 3 – REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS – Over the last 4 years Eagle County has had a massive increase in County Property Taxes…If you’re working with a prospective Resort Real Estate buyer today who’s aware of the massive increases – how would they feel about purchasing something today – after watching Runyon’s Public comments – directed at the Property Taxes second homeowners pay here?

Point 4 – Instead of thanking second home owners who invest in our Community – Runyon seems content to (stick it to?) out-of-town homeowners every chance he gets.  The other two County Commissioner (both democrats) are happy to do the same – they also refused the Ballot question at the same meeting.

Point 5 – How is it that other County’s in the United States (without a large second homeowner community) – can manage and balance their County’s Budget – without having to (sticking it to?) somebody who doesn’t live there – full-time.

Obviously – we don’t need to look all the way to Washington, DC – to see what’s broken here – our County Commissioners show it’s broken right here in our own backyard.


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