From the Street

by  Captain America over at Paramount Studios

Dateline: Sony Pictures in Hollywood.  Everyone’s aware of the (cozy?) relationship between Hollywood and the Whitehouse.  Sony Pictures held a fundraiser at their Studio for Obama April 2011.


So the last time Obama (a.k.a. debt man walking) got a boost in the polls was after the SEALS raid and assassination of Bin Laden.


Sony Pictures now planning to release a new movie about the Seal’s raid…in October 2012 – just about 30 days before the election.  (Click Here)

Imagine that.  No doubt just a coincidence.  Perhaps something to consider for your families next PlayStation purchase…

The Fishwrap Finally Man’s Up – Reports the East West Partner’s $900 Million Bankruptcy

The top reporter over at the Daily Fishwrap (Randy Wyrick) finally got his newspaper to ‘man-up’.

Randy’s story last week (Click Here) seems to confirm what the Sacramento Bee, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza and the ECT have already reported – that East West Partners is indeed in a $900 Million dollar Bankruptcy with their resort properties in North Lake Tahoe.  The ECT was happy to assist Mr. Wyrick’s research efforts by publishing in the ECT’s story – the Public Record Case Number and where (in the online Pacer case locator search) to look.  (Click Here)

U.S. Postal Service – the volume of U.S. Mail processed by the Postal Service is shrinking…while the Red Ink at the Postal Service grows.  Now estimated to be ~$8 Billion this year.  (Click Here)  The Postal Service is looking to trim somewhere near 120,000 jobs.  Enter the Postal Service Unions (there are four big ones).  Rather than discuss ways of increasing Mail volume (hence protecting their Union dues paying jobs) the Unions have decided to make their "Collective Bargaining Rights" their issue.

ECT says – good luck to the Postal Service Unions.

Postal FACTOID:  While members of Congress must pay for their personal (printed brochures?) to inform their constituents what they’re working on in Washington, D.C.  the U.S. Postal Service is required by law – to deliver those brochures – at zero cost to the Congressmen…

Having a Marcia Ball

Always welcome here in Eagle County – Texas based Marcia Ball stopped by the free Lionshead Jazz concert last Thursday nite – to entertain all with her signature “Down in Louisiana” Cajun/Jazz sound.  Thanks to our Vail based ECT contributor for this photo of Marcia performing last week!

In Eagle this Friday Nite – August 19th 2011 – 2nd Annual Demolition Derby – Eagle County Fair Grounds!


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