Want vs. Need?

by Time to tell the Truth, isn’t it?

The Fishwrap’s Headline last week?  It takes a special person to write Headlines like this.  A person unfamiliar with the difference between “want vs. need”.

Consider:  The #1 problem facing Eagle County today – is Job Loss.   This single problem has caused an unprecedented rise in County Home Forecloses (for the past 3 years) and in part has caused our real Property values to drop as a result.  Bank Owned Real Estate in your neighborhood hasn’t helped YOUR properties value, now has it?   This is especially true downvalley, in Eagle and Gypsum.  Need we mention that Colorado Property Taxes are where the majority of money comes from – to fund public schools?

Families are moving out of Eagle County in hopes of finding work else where, so there are less Students registered in our Public Schools today.  Remarkably, our Public School alternatives (Private Schools) still seem to be able to ‘hang in there’ in a downturn economy.  Local families already struggling have to tighten their belts even further – to pay that Private School tuition.

Why doesn’t the Fishwrap ask our Elected County leadership – what they are trying to do about our Community’s issues?  The short answer is – the Fishwrap wants you to read about the latest multi-million dollar Open Space purchase!  These facts lack of action are at the core of what makes our Daily Fishwrap – THE FISHWRAP!  No issues here with the local real estate market – just keep buying those full-color real estate print ads, Realtors!

Back to our friends on the School Board – who no doubt are delighted to see that the Fishwrap has somehow neglected to mention that our Eagle County School District has us all on the hook (read: on the books) for $230 Million dollars in existing long term Bond debt your Property Taxes are responsible to pay for today!  (Click Here)

$68.7 Million – (1999) with annual payments of $313,465 to $6,565,000 through December 1, 2018

$33.8 Million – (2005) with annual payments of $828,173 to $4,606,875 through December 1, 2018

$128.3 Million – (2007) with annual payments of $2,475,000 to $14,330,000 through December 1, 2027

Our School District wants, MORE!  Never mind that their own telephone poll told them local taxpayers are emphatically against this proposed permanent property tax increase.

When you look at the big picture of our Community – there is no question that our local School Board and those that support their tax raising agenda are remarkably selfish individuals.  How is it they can claim to be concerned about your child’s Education – yet at the same time – they are happy to ignore what is happing in your child’s Community – even to the extent they’ll ignore their own polling data – to get what they want?  How can the School Board claim to be concerned about your child’s education – when their permanent property tax proposals only make it harder for parents to save and pay for their own child’s College education?

It’s their agenda vs. your tax dollars.  Time to wake up folks.  Enough is Enough.


4 responses

  1. I can’t and will not support further school tax increases. I am already paying a substantial portion of my tax dollars to local schools. We need to pay off the existing debt that we are already saddled with “for the children” before I can even begin to contemplate more. Become fiscally responsible, find areas to cut spending. Did Avon Elementary and Berry Creek Middle School absolutely need exterior painting this summer? Could this expense have been put off two or three years to help pay for teachers? School districts, like all of us, need to define what is must have, versus what is nice to have.

  2. SkierGuy – make sure you are registered to VOTE! Vote by U.S. Mail that is. This November’s ballot is by U.S Mail only! Please call the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder – Ms. Teak Simonton – W 970.328.8728 for more details.

  3. To register to vote, if one has not done so–go here.

    Secretary of State:
    If you have a Colorado State driver’s license or ID card issued by the Department of Revenue you may register online at this website.

    If you have not been issued either of these documents, you may still register to vote by using the paper voter registration form. Click here for a paper voter registration form. You will need to print and sign the form then return by fax, email, mail, or hand delivery.

    The deadline for voter registration is 29 days before Election Day.

    Even if you rent in the valley, your rents will reflect the property owners expenses, which of course, include property taxes.

  4. Hey skierguy, I can give you another reason why you should vote no on the ballot this November; call your local school and ask the secretary just how much they had to budget to pay for the administrators recent rafting trip that was funded by guess who? That’s right, school administrators went rafting on our dime. Read yesterdays slyly placed article in The Fishwrap “School tax appears headed to the voters in November” and you’ll see quotes by school board member Ross Morgan stating that ” It’s not fair to the kids to not give it a chance.” or T.J. Johnson saying “For me, this is a vote for public education”. It’s hard for me to believe that this is anything but a vote for public education or “the kids” when school secretaries are budgeting for rafting trips, christmas parties, and whatever else the schools think they are entitled to. Meanwhile, the threat for more teacher layoffs hangs over their heads if this proposition is not passed come November.

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