Exposing our School District – by the Numbers

by  Somebody paying Attention

Listen Up.   Of Taxes, Schools and local Elections.

Undoubtedly, our elected friends on the Eagle County School Board – would prefer you not have this information.

Background:  In November 2006 EC Voters approved a $128 Million dollar Bond issue that you are still paying for – and will continue to pay for through December 1st 2027.

What our School Board – would undoubtedly not want you to know is…where did all these “YES” tax me more votes come from?

The ECT will show you –

1 – There are ~900 Eagle County School District employees…Some of which are married.  50% of them, married?

Guesstimate:  ~1,350 likely YES votes

2 – Some local parents are unquestionably of the mind set “everybody should pay more taxes to help educate my kid”.  Never mind that you’d prefer to keep more of the money you earn – to help save and pay for your own child’s College education.  Are you educating your child in a local private school?

Guesstimate: 250 local family’s (probably more actually) times 2 parents = 500 more likely YES – votes

3 – Retired Eagle County School District employees and their spouses that live (and/or are still registered to vote here).  You can bet they’ll vote to further secure their Pension and Benefits…

Guesstimate:  ~100 likely YES votes (probably more?)

ECT’s POINT:  Is not to claim high accuracy of our guesstimated (1,950) YES increase Taxes, voters – RATHER to point out that our School District Board has a large block of guaranteed YES votes for any Tax increase that effects them.  The School Board knows this, now thanks to the fact you read the ECT – you know this too.  Obviously, the difference between YES and NO in 2006 was 886 votes…


1 – First and foremost make sure you are registered to vote.  This November’s Ballot is a vote by U.S. Mail vote (only) – there aren’t going to be any Polling Places to vote at on election day.

2 –  You can download an Eagle County “vote by U.S. Mail” Registration form by (Clicking Here)

3 – Share this EagleCountyTimes.com story with your friends via EMail.

4 – There is no doubt that folks who see themselves as benefiting from this permanent Property Tax increase – will be out in force trying to convince you to vote yes, again.


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