Roof, Goof – Fix Underway!

by  The Drifters

“When this old world starts getting me down….

And big government is too much for me to face…”

The (top) of the photo from Edwards, Colorado – (WECMRD’s) indoor Athletic field’s roof as seen from the Edwards neighborhood of Singletree.

Therein lies a tale.  For the uninitiated WECMRD = Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District, another of Eagle County’s (too many+1) taxing districts.

Turns out the Architect for the School District (new Edwards High School in the foreground) was certainly much smarter than the one that WECMRD choose.

The top left of the ECT’s photo shows the shine and sheen of the original reflecting surface of WECMRD’s massive roof now being repainted…  At the right time of day, during the right season – that old roof paint reflected more sunlight into the Singletree neighborhood than the mirrors of an Arizona solar plant.

What happened next – after Singletree homeowners complained to WECMRD?

The short story went something like this…don’t blame us.  WECMRD went through the County’s approval process and they approved our Athletic field house – including that color and sheen roof paint.

Then what happened?  – something like this.  Some Singletree homeowners approached the County Commissioners…and their response was roughly…don’t talk to us about paying for new roof paint, that’s WECMRD’s issue, not us!

So how did this project (the new roof paint – right side to left painting) finally get approved and paid for?

Well “By George”…Gregory (Singletree homeowner et al) got involved and WECMRD, Eagle County and Singletree homeowners paid for the current painting work being done today.  It suffices to say the Singletree homeowners paid the lion share of the cost…

Lessons Learned?

1 – The bigger the government (taxing district in our case) the bigger the screw-up.

2 – Just like the White House today…make sure you have someone else to blame when the screw-up happens!

3 – The majority of Eagle County (taxing authorities) have since forgotten just who they work for.

4 – They work for you ECT Reader – and this November you’ll be able to Vote and reminded them of that democratic fact.  Move evidence coming.  Encourage your friends to read the ECT!


3 responses

  1. Those reflective White metal roofs save (well, saved–past tense now?) thousands of Eagle County taxpayer dollars a year in building energy costs as well as, per County of Eagle — cuts way down on (Al Gore’s) harmful carbon emissions.
    * But they need to be reflective White–or very light and still, reflective–

    Back in 2009, the Denver Post covered both WECMRD’s Singletree roof in depth as well as Vail Rec’s Dobson Arena roof.

    WECMRD apparently spent some of our ever-leaner tax dollars to be Less Green and less Environmentally Friendly.

    To date: Vail Rec has spent—$0.

    Denver Post 12/27/2009

    “Eagle County arenas’ light-colored roofs have neighbors complaining of glare”

    VAIL — An environmentally friendly building technique is drawing fire from area homeowners who claim that energy-saving white or light-colored roofs are creating an unsightly glare…. some neighbors complain.

    Members of the recreation-district board worked with an architect to design a building that does not require an air-conditioning system and uses fans and ventilation instead, Russell said. It is projected to save about $45,000 annually in cooling costs, Russell said.

    “The roof is part of the design. It’s taxpayer dollars, so we’re trying to save as much as we can and make it as efficient as possible,” Russell said.

    The county’s EcoBuild program does not address light-colored roofs specifically, but building such a reflective roof obviously cuts down on carbon emissions, said Adam Palmer, a county planner.

    EcoBuild awards “points” to builders who follow environmentally friendly guidelines, which helps save them money in their dealings with the county in getting buildings approved.

    “Given all of the square footage of the building stock we have in the world, if we converted all of them to white or lighter impact, it would have a profound impact on world temperatures,” Palmer said.

    The story is much the same in Vail, where a dark-brown shake-shingle roof was replaced this fall for fire-mitigation reasons on the Dobson Ice Arena-

    “We chose the metal roof for snow-shedding and drifted toward the lighter color,” said Town Manager Stan Zemler.

    Condo owners at the Vail International building next door say the solution is to paint the roof a darker color.

    (NOTE!) Doing so could cost the town as much as $900,000, Zemler has said.

    2009 Compliance Report
    RESOLUTION NO. 14, 2008

    i. Dobson Arena Roof Replacement – Affected property owners and the
    Association complained to the Town Council that a new white metal roof
    approved by the DRB was inappropriate and that adequate notice was not

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