School Board Belt Tightening? – At $181,000/year for Superintendent Sandra Smyser?

by – Just asking some questions

Last week reporter Randy Wyrick wrote a story about the Eagle County School District – and their permanent Property Tax increase – Ballot question.  (Click Here)

In Randy’s story the elected School District Board members and Superintendent Sandra Smyser talked about “Belt-Tightening”.


School Superintendent Smyser’s reported salary is $181,000/year, plus bonus and benefits.  (Click Here)  Consider – How can our School Board claim any “Belt-Tightening” when at the same time Smyser was handed her $10,000+ bonus – Smyser went on to cut 40 jobs, 30 of which were school teachers last Spring!  (Click Here) and (Click Here – for more info)

Does anyone know – what Superintendent Smyser and the School Board is talking about – when they talk about so called “Belt-Tightening”?

Just where is our elected School Board getting all this money to pay Dr. Smyser a bonus – all the while Dr. Smyser lays off local teachers?  Is the point of their proposed permanent Property Tax increase – so the Board can continue to hand Smyser her annual salary and bonus?

Last Week – ECT readers learned….

That their elected County Commissioners – REFUSED to allow the question of the REPEAL of the Open Space Tax – to appear on this November’s Ballot…

Now contrast the public comments of elected School Board member – Ross Morgan…er…T.J. Johnson

So what have we learned about our local elected Taxing Authorities?  If it’s a question of increasing Taxes – they’re all for putting it on the Ballot – if it’s a question of REPEALING Taxes – they’re 100% against it.

Does this sound like a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” to you?

It’s clear that some of these elected officials believe “It’s your job to work for the Government (Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer) – not the other way around”.

It’s time folks for some major changes in the way our local elected officials run things around here.  Your voice is needed at the Ballot Box this November.

Isn’t it time they hear from you?


2 responses

  1. Well now we know what the increased taxes will fund, refer to Vail Daily today, “Eagle County Schools set to ask for tax increase” All bulleted items are from the school board today—- and say nothing about no further superintendent bonuses either-

    * shall the proceeds of the tax increase be used for educational purposes, including, but not limited to:

    • Mitigating state funding cuts;
    (INFO/FACTS: the state only contributes 5%, property taxes contribute 86% to EC funds so that a non-issue. says so right here –

    • Retaining quality teachers
    (iNFO/FACTS: Meaning New Hires? at the bottom of the Wage & benefits pool???)

    • Continuing necessary classroom support for all students
    (INFO/FACTS: “classroom support” include transportation, before & after school care, food, in school counseling, Title 1 and migrant services-and so on… it is not specific to teachers in classes)

    • Minimizing reductions in extra curricular activities, arts and athletics
    ( INFO/FACTS: these reductions will still occur–they say so right here)

    • Replacing buses and computers that have exceeded their useful lifespan (INFO/FACTS: the $128 million dollar school tax Bond that is ongoing until 2027 school funding pays for grounds and building upkeep, and all technology-so this is double-dipping)

    • Maintaining buildings and grounds
    (INFO/FACTS:Double-dipping, refer to bond above and ECS website about the bond

    • Restoring student contact days

    There is no direct teacher support here.

    And no written clarification re administrative costs, bonuses, promotions either. Only this “shall the proceeds of the tax increase be used for educational purposes, including, but not limited to:”

    People are smart when it comes to giving away their money-refer back to the polling about this issue.

    If anything after reading the above, more will oppose it now which is good-when it comes time to increase taxes to pay our teachers instead of funding superintendent bonuses –we will be able to after this Mill Levy fails.

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