Eagle-Vail Community Board – Votes to violate Federal Drug Law

by Clayton Moore

Just as our Eagle County Commissioners recently moved to violate Federal Drug law (Click Here) the voting majority of the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association voted last week (Click Here) to continue to use taxpayer monies to pay for the required changes to Eagle Vail’s (PUD – Planned Unit Development) to allow for so called Medical Marijuana stores to operate in Eagle-Vail.  Yes, Eagle-Vail Taxpayer monies are being used to make changes to their PUD, so these stores can continue operate in Eagle-Vail.  Once these changes are completed for Eagle-Vail’s existing PUD, that updated PUD document is expected to be “rubber-stamped” and approved by the Eagle County Commissioners later this year.

Helping to support this effort – is the Executive Director of the the Vail Valley Partnership – Chris Romer.  Chris also serves as an elected EVPOA board member.  (Click Here)

Mr. Romer’s business…the Vail Valley Partnership is in the business of selling annual memberships to his 501(c)3 non-profit.  Mr. Romer’s VVP is an organization set up to help promote Eagle County businesses.

Questions of “conflict of interest” arose last week – surrounding Mr. Romer’s public vote to allow Eagle-Vail taxpayer money to be used to pay the legal fees…required to make changes to EV’s PUD – to allow the existing Medical Marijuana store to continue to operate…

Why doesn’t the existing Eagle-Vail MMJ store pay those legal fees?  How much are those legal fees?  Has this MMJ store agreed to reinburse the Eagle-Vail Property Ownwers Association the costs of making the PUD changes that will allow them to continue operate in Eagle-Vail?

Is that MMJ dispensary a current member of Mr. Romer’s Vail Valley Partnership?  IF YES?  What business does Mr. Romer have voting for the interests of one of his members at the Eagle-Vail taxpayer’s expense?  IF YES, shouldn’t Mr. Romer have recused himself on this vote?

Stay tuned – there is more to this story than has been reported so far.


15 responses

  1. I don’t usually respond to anonymous reports, but wanted to provide some clarification here.

    For the record, I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy. But a good conspiracy theory needs a shred of truth. Too bad this falls so far short.

    As an FYI, Eagle Vail has been working on updates to the PUD for months. This issue, to me, is nothing more than one component of what will end up being dozens of changes to the PUD. It is fairly clear that the burden to pay for said upgrades belong to the Property Owner Association since it is a community PUD (which is a community wide planning document).

    On another note, it might be fun to raise “questions” about someone’s motives, but not everything is a nefarious plan. The Vail Valley Partnership has over 700 members. Try though I might, taking each of their wishes into account in every decision I make just isn’t realistic. Regardless, Herbal Elements is not, and has never been, a member of the Vail Valley Partnership. As a reporter, this is extremely easy information to find. Our membership directory and all member organizations are listed at VailValleyPartnership.com & VisitVailValley.com.

    I have no intention of getting into an anonymous discussion about medical marijuana, the VVP, EagleVail or any of the other organizations which I serve, but wanted to make one additional comment. It’s OK to have differing opinions on issues. That’s part of what makes this county (and county, for that matter) great. But let’s try to keep it within the scope of reality & not make things up to fit out preconceived bias. Instead of posting questions about someone’s character, just call me next time there’s a question. I’d be happy to address it at that time – then you can run your story with facts instead of speculation.

    Lastly, and for the record, one thing that I clearly do stand for without apology is support for our small business community here in the Vail Valley.

    • Chris,
      Thanks for reading the EagleCountyTimes.Com – Our latest issue goes to the ECT Edit team, each Sunday nite ‘bout 9PM. The ECT blast email goes to (5,000+ confirmed email deliveries) each Monday morning about 7AM. ECT very impressed you responded (with comment) Sunday nite shortly after this week’s issue went to our Edit team.
      ECT is very concerned (as are you) about the health of our local economy. That’s why the ECT worked so hard on our top story about (mostly local?) jobs being created and where folks can apply online.
      The Daily Fishwrap nor our County Commissioners seem to care about this local economic issue.
      Please advise your Vail Valley Partnership members (that would be interested) that they can contact Traer Creek – about the availability of the Zacca Za Restaurant Space. Recommend a call to Dan Leary at Traer Creek for more info. W 970.748.4987
      The ECT was also happy to give (nice business plugs) to the Solaris, LoneStar Security and the Vail Valley Jet Center this week. ECT also happy to provide/make the Video – showing folks who missed it – just how our Community was marketed on Versus HDTV. The Technical Director for that Bike Race (Charles Hodge) told the ECT that, that Verses HDTV broadcast went to 161 Countries – world wide!
      Chris – your comment “for the record, one thing that I clearly do stand for without apology is support for our small business community here in the Vail Valley.”
      The ECT feels exactly the same way.
      For the record – the ECT folks are against any unnecessary tax increases levied against our local private sector (as well as individuals) and stand FRIMLY against ANY business that has to violate Federal Law in order to operate.
      Much (but not all) common ground between the VVP and the ECT – that’s how we see it!
      Again, thanks for reading!

  2. Who cares about the ECT drivvel? Get of your damned soap box ECT. Ask the important questions why businesses that have been around for 2+ years are getting shut down? Why is Eagle County destroying lives of people that put so much into their businesses. Ugh. This is what Monday needs…

  3. There’s more than just Eagle Vail businesses at stake here. Perhaps the best way to handle this in Eagle County is another moratorium on new MMJ business. The existing MMJ businesses should be “grandfathered” through any new regulations.

    In today’s latest article we see Eagle forcing an MMJ merchant to close it’s doors. (http://www.vaildaily.com/article/20110828/NEWS/110829795/1078&ParentProfile=1062)

    But seriously. Are you all for the Federal government controlling our lives? It appears you don’t think much our state’s right to govern it’s people, and the Feds need to approve every move we make? Maybe it’s time for the Feds to butt out in their gestapo tactics and rethink a national policy that has proven to be a failure time and time again.

    What are your REAL issues? Do you dislike the fact the people can have the ability to manage their pain in a more cost effective manor? Do you think any person in possession of, or distributing medicinal marijuana as a free-bird hippie? Are you offended that these operations were voted upon and approved against the wishes of right winged republicans?

    Oh please, do tell, and have the good sense to put your name in the by-line.


    • Did you know that a FDIC insured BANK cannot legally allow a so called Medical Marijuana business – to have a bank account with their bank?
      Did you know that a FDIC insured BANK cannot legally allow one of their banks “credit card processing machines” to operate in a Medical Marijuana business?
      Did you know that any Commercial Building that has a Mortgage on their Building (with an FDIC insured BANK) cannot legally have a Medical Marijuana business as a tenant in their Building?
      Yes, we all know what went on in College when we were all there too!
      Most of us, however, grew up after College and went on to run and operate legitimate/legal businesses in our Community today.
      Why not just grow up a little – and join the majority of us that care about running legitimate businesses in our Community?

      • I get a kick out of the idea that you are somehow qualified to be the arbiter of what is a legitimate business versus an illegitimate business. Not that these monikers are anything other than arbitrary to begin with.

        Do you consider the porn industry illegitimate? Because it’s laughing all the way to the bank while you showboat on your idealistic soapbox. Same with medical marijuana.

  4. So you’re saying it’s only “legitimate” if “Big Brother” says so. If that, then you’re against a states’s right to govern itself? Change your title to “Right winged website is against people of Colorado” and stop with the mud slinging.

  5. No one wants Big Brother running their lives. And I am all for any MMJ store purchasing outright (cash) a building to house their business. But when it comes to landlords and leases–nah. no thanks– medical pot shops are illegal federally speaking, and Federal Trumps State — that we know from the AZ vs Fed illegal immigration lawsuit-

    PS out of curiosity, what mud-slinging did you read in the ECT? I only read laws here.

  6. Are the boulder banks also full of drivel and mud-slinging?

    BOULDER, Colo.

    The last bank in Colorado that was publicly doing business with the medical marijuana industry is closing all of those accounts because of concerns over regulations and legal issues.

    Colorado Springs State Bank sent out a letter last week to its medical marijuana account holders requesting them to have their bank accounts closed by Sept. 30.


  7. This is what is so frustrating about ECT. They drag personalities into the fight vs. policy. I generally agree with ECT’s theory and practice of smaller government – I just don’t support slander. Makes it tough to support your local republican party with the ECT on their side. True to the excellent journalistic integrity they exhibit – they don’t list “story” authors. The power of the pen is a responsibility – the ECT should be using crayons.

    • The ECT folks happy to help (Grow Up) with their comments.
      Legally speaking….
      1 – ‘Slander’ is spoken. ‘Libel’ is written.
      Look it up. So the ECT has established you’re not a Juris Doctor.
      2 – ECT and Grow Up agree – that “Smaller Government” is in general a better form of Governance.
      3 – ECT is not connected to nor affiliated in any way with the local Eagle County GOP. Recommend you use the ECT’s search function on our web page – to prove that fact to yourself. ECT has NEVER even published an article from the local EC GOP. Pay attention.
      4 – “they don’t list story authors”. You make the ECT folks laugh. Here’s one for you. Look up the name Clayton Moore over at WikiPedia. Clayton is the top writer for the ECT. You might actually learn something in the process. Not many folks have made that (name) connection…
      PS – ECT happy to publish your anonymous online comments. However you need to drop your “toilet mouth” – ECT deleted that part of your Comment.
      ECT’s promise….Last and only warning you’ll get about toilet mouth. Yeah, the ECT knows about WebSense too.

  8. When a story is reported based solely on facts–why does it matter who posts it by name?

    — Just wondering….

    At what point in time, and where in ECT’s do they state they are part of the Republican Party?

    — Just wondering……… I have never seen that!

    Finally, is the above posts that refer to name uses, affiliations, etc. another diversion strategy to take attention away from Federal laws, FDIC laws and “Special interests” ?

    —— If the answer is yes, it won’t work………

    * Please Debate the Facts with Facts *

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