ECT Humor this week – The Fishwrap Follies

by – “you don’t know?”

..the Fishwrap’s Ad copy from last week requested – ‘tell us what you really think’!

OK – we’ll take the bait..(pun intended)

So the ECT folks decided to let our friend Kaleb over at Vail’s Farmers Market – to show you – what the Fishwrap is good for!

Wrapping Wild Alaskan Salmon for you on your way home from the Farmers Market!


One response

  1. Very funny photo’s , but what is NOT funny about the Vail Daily is what is NOT told to the voters who read the Vail Daily — things voters should know before voting in even more tax hikes come this November —

    Such as this in the Denver Post today-
    Posted: 08/28/2011 01:00:00 AM

    Colorado banks in the state are failing at five times the expected pace.

    Colorado has seen eight banks holding $6.7 billion in assets fail in the current downturn. Based on the state’s share of U.S. bank assets, something closer to $1.3 billion would have been expected-

    Colorado’s economy, measured on an inflation-adjusted per capita basis, grew just 3.7 percent last decade, compared with a 6.7 percent gain nationally, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    PS bank failures are likely due to construction loans that have gone belly-up says the Denver Post btw….

    Our little county was relying on construction growth–which is flat now and will remain flat for several years. Worse–foreclosures that should have been posted for 2011 are going to appear in 2012, due to the banks foreclosure proceedings “stays’ from Fed scrutiny on their foreclosure practices —

    So we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet “folks….

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