From the Street

by – the ear to the ground

The ECT especially liked what Vail’s Solaris owner Peter Noble did to help promote the USA Pro Cycling Race in Vail last week.  In fact we liked it so much the ECT folks made this short video – to show you some of the Vail TV Ads that were broadcast to 161 Countries in HD on the Versus TV network.  Peter’s Solaris project was the Starting Gate for all 40+ riders in that Time Trial and that equaled 40+ unique HDTV views of his project.  Why our friends at the Vail Valley Jet Center didn’t have an Ad at that Starting Gate…remains a mystery.  Come to think of it – the VVJC needs an Ad here at the ECT too!

The white VIP Tent at the Center of Solaris was policed by local security company “LoneStar Security and Safety Services”.  (Click Here)

Mr. Noble the story goes…got a taste from LoneStar Security about what it’s like to try and enter the VIP tent – without your VIP pass…Turns out Peter didn’t like being told to go back and get his VIP credentials…meanwhile LoneStar Security stood their ground and Peter (the story goes – lost his temper)  Peter’s friends with cooler heads arrived quickly just before Peter got a personal demonstration of what LoneStar teaches their rather muscular and disciplined staff – trained in LoneStar (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta) Schools.

No word yet on whether the LoneStar Security officer that “Peter tried to charm” – will be personally presenting Mr. Noble with his bill for LoneStar’s services last week…

Time to Drink and Eat Up before it’s too late?

Rumors circulating that Avon’s top ‘watering hole’ and restaurant – Zacca Za located in Traer Creek Plaza (just west of the Wal~Mart) may be closing their doors after this Labor Day weekend.

What kind of a place is Zacca Za?  Well…the kind of place you can find a Municipal Court Judge sharing a beverage with his Friday afternoon friends…as well as the presiding Judge of Colorado’s 5th Judicial District.  Yeah, and the ECT has the photos – to prove it.  No word yet on where our local Judicary will soon be seeking FAC refreshment after a hard week on the Bench…

Young Erik – Needs a Date!

Last year (photo below) the ECT featured a photo of young Erik and date dining – not “Up the Creek” rather – “In the Gore Creek”.  (Click Here).  Turns out, that romantic tale didn’t quite last a year.  Erik now needs a date – or at least a friend to dine with for Sunday brunch “In the Creek”.  So if you’re a young Bachelorette – look for a date – leave a comment below and direct Erik to your (Facebook?) page – cuz’ Erik is on Facebook too!


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