Jobs! Being created just outside Eagle County, Colorado

by the local Job Watcher –

Have Skills?  Need a mostly (local job?).  The ECT will show you where – and how to apply.

Just head South out of Copper Mountain up Rte. 24 and drive to the top of Freemont Pass (11,318/ft) on your way to Leadville, Colorado and you’ll find new jobs being created.

The Climax Molybdenum mine is hiring again.

There are currently 26 Jobs (professional and trade) job openings as of Friday, August 26th 2011.  (Click Here)  You can apply online for one of those jobs by (Clicking Here)

Background:  Molybdenum is an element that occupies position #42 in the Periodic Table of Elements.  It has some very special properties – including the fact that the metal neither expands much at high temperatures nor does it get soft at those extreme temperatures as well.

So?  So, this is the stuff of special (expensive) metal alloys that are used (example) in the heat critical sections of high performance Jet Engines.  Do you like the fact your Jet engine’s afterburner exhaust doesn’t melt off the end of your jet fighter?  Thank in part – Molybdenum (Moly for short) and the folks who mine it at Climax.

The nice folks that sell Real Estate in Leadville reported to the ECT this week – a distinct “uptick” in Leadville’s rental property business – all attributed to the new Jobs being created at the Climax mine, just 12 miles from neighboring Leadville.

Many more (hundreds?) of Professional/Trade jobs are expected to be created over the next few months at Climax due to the increasing demand for American mined Molybdenum.

Why?  To a large extent – because the American dollar has been de-valued world wide by the nefarious economic policies of the current occupant in our White House.

Turns out an American dollar that is worth less these days (world wide) makes our American Exports (very attractively priced) while at the same time any imports into America (excessively expensive).

Suddenly?  American mined Molybdenum is very attractively priced on the world market.  Something you metal investors should know about.

ECT Readers:  Please don’t tell U.S. Rep Jared Polis (D) of these new jobs being created.  Polis will no doubt try to over regulate this part of Colorado’s job creating mining industry…which no doubt has something to do with the fact the parent company of the Climax mine is based in Phoenix, Arizona…and not in Colorado.


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