County Commissioners – Fail Taxpayers Again

by – Investigative Reports

Why should your elected County Commissioners break with their established tradition?

The ECT folks and others have been very suspicious of past County Open Space purchases – the most recent one is no exception to the Commissioners established pattern.  Remember the Gates and Bair Ranch purchases?  The multi-million dollar ‘cowboy welfare’ Open Space purchases for land County Taxpayers…

– can’t find

– can’t access

– can’t reasonably use  (because there is no PUBLIC PARKING)

Enter the County Commissioners latest purchase.  It’s known to (OSAC – Open Space Avisory Committee) as the $3.5 Million dollar “East Lake Creek Ranch Property”.  It’s located in the Edwards/Homestead neighborhood.

The ECT’s photo shows the cul-de-sac at the end of Cameron Drive off Homestead Drive – in the Edwards/Homestead neighborhood.  Despite the assurances of Commissioner Jon Stavney there is no Public Parking for Eagle County Taxpayers (see emailed instructions for parking below).  Other than the generosity of local Homestead neighbors – who might not mind you parking for a couple of hours during your Fall hike – watch out for parking tickets.

Commissioner Runyon – who is already ON RECORD as saying “My property values will go up if this goes forward.  I am confident of that.” (Click Here) – Will be hosting a Celebration Party at his Edwards, Homestead home on Tuesday, September 6th  ~5:00PM – after a Ribbon Cutting (see top photo) Ceremony.  The ceremony will  – no doubt be located at the cul-de-sac pictured in our top photo a short walk from Commissioner Peter Runyon’s Homestead residence.

What?  You taxpayers weren’t invited to Peter’s Party – only to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony?  Here is a copy of the private (OSAC) invitation that was quietly passed on to the ECT folks last week – (Click Hereand note their instructions for PARKING!!!).  Meanwhile…here is the Taxpayers (peasants?) invite to the ribbon cutting ceremony (Click Here – no mention of Peter’s Party to the Taxpayers in that public notice)

The (private?) OSAC email invitation came from new County Employee Toby Sprunk – who was hired by your County Commissioners as Eagle County’s “Open Space Director” at ~$100,000.00/yr plus benefits.  Now there’s a County Government job – the Taxpayers…just can’t live without!!!

What to expect next?  Soon…letters to the Fishwrap’s Editor – from Homestead Property Owners claiming what a great new Open Space purchase this is…

Special Interests again triumph over the interests of the County Taxpayer – Taxpayers that are footing their bill…


3 responses

  1. Did you notice that the funds for the latest open space land purchase didn’t even come from the Open Space Fund? Is that because they don’t have the money or what? Apparently, it came from the County’s general fund. I’m guessing that fund is flush with dinero…

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