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by – ear to the ground

Don’t forget to wish Eagle County Treasurer – Karen Sheaffer Happy Birthday on Thursday this week.  Karen is celebrating her 21st (Hexadecimal) Anniversary of her 29th Birthday.  If you graduated from Public School – and if you don’t know what Hexadecimal is (or can’t easily calculate Karen’s Birthday) the ECT recommends you hold our local Public School Board to account and vote against our School Boards permanent Tax Increase this November.  One wonders how many current/elected School Board members know how to calculate Karen’s Birthday…CSAP anyone? Your answer, Dr. Smyser?

The White House – last week everyone paying attention knows –  that the White House doesn’t understand the Rules/Procedures of the U.S. Senate.  Specially the legal process that precedes a meeting of the President and a Joint Session of Congress.  The White House goofed (say…isn’t the current occupant a former member of the U.S. Senate?) and they got called on it.  For the full (and interesting story about the rules/procedures of the U.S. Senate) – (Click Here).  If you do click – you’ll know how/why the Presidents request for a meeting on Wednesday this week – got rescheduled for Thursday this week – the same date the NFL Football season kicks off!  Wanna’ bet who gets the best viewership this Thursday nite?

Dueling newspaper Dribble?

Frankly the ECT folks really haven’t been able to figure this one out.

Local newspaper media has decided to compete on a print-weekly basis.

In this corner the Daily Fishwrap’s latest effort known as the “dailyWeekly”…and in the other corner…weekly newcomer – sneakPeak.  The dailyWeekly made it to print just a couple of days before the first print issue of “sneakPeak”.  Took the ECT ‘bout 30 seconds to read the dailyWeekly– same dribble we’ve all almost gotten use to.  We put it back in the rack.  The sneakPeak newspaper slightly more interesting – it took us just about 50 seconds to determine their web page address ( printed on their front cover – DOESN’T WORK.  As of today there is no web site –  According to 3rd party reports (Click Here) – sneakPeak is the brain child of former Vail Mountaineer Associate Publisher Ms. Erin Chaves.  In all fairness the ECT should mention sneakPeak does have a working Facebook page (Click Here) as does the Daily Fishwrap.

ECT’s advice?  If you’re looking for local ‘hard news stories’ stick with the ECT online each week.  If you want to know about news stories like which local waiter/waitress is having their birthday this week (including photo) – well…you now know where to look and what to pick up!

Here are your photos – From last weeks Labor Day celebration!  Enjoy!

No Labor Day Weekend – October Fest party would be complete without Helmut Fricker’s rendition of ‘Roll out the Barrel’…in case you missed it at Beaver Creek last weekend!


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