ECT’s Photo Essay – Champagne Summer 2011

by Peter Parker

On assignment this summer 2011 – ECT photographer Peter Parker has captured local luminaries modeling the ECT’s famous yellow “Veuve Clicquot” sunglasses.

The ECT has a bunch of photos to share over the next several weeks!

This week’s Edition is called “Judge us by the Company we keep!”

Leading off this week – is the most senior member of our local Judiciary – smilein’ Judge Buck Allen!  Keep in mind you always want to be one of Buck’s friends – just not one of his (canned goods donating) customers!

Coffee with a Cop?  Or how to make Ms. Colorado 2011 (Diana Dreman) look so good?  Vail Police Department Officer Moses Gonzales always available to help Ms. Colorado during Vail’s 4th of July parade 2011!

Romance was in the air this summer 2011 too! – as local Vail Property Manager Dale Bugby and Realtor Ms. Kristi Cavanagh will soon be tying the knot!  Congrats and best wishes to the new bride – from the ECT!  Send the ECT  some photos from the Honeymoon!

Master of his Air Space and MC of Wheels and Wings – Vail Valley Jet Center CEO – Paul Gordon – show’s the VVJC’s stellar reputation for Customer Service – looks even better when delivered with Veuve Clicquot signature sunglasses!

How to tell this TT-1 “Pinto” Jet Trainer (the first U.S. Navy Jet Trainer) belongs to (actually piloted by) long time Vail local Bob Lazier?  By his bumper sticker on the back of his Jet that reads – “my other vehicle is an Indy Car!”  The thing the ECT was most impressed with Bob’s effort…is all the trouble he went to – to make sure his Jet Trainer was painted to match his signature Veuve Clicquot sunglasses!!

Don’t worry – there’s plenty more photos from Champagne Summer 2011 – wait till you see who’s up next week!


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