Funding for Edwards proposed Bandstand? Here is the Solution!

by the Private Sector’s – Rocket Scientist

The ECT knows where the County’s money is.

The ECT also knows what the County Commissioners need to do to apply the existing Funding to the proposed Freedom Park – Edwards Bandstand project.

Strangely, the ECT finds themselves in agreement with Commissioner Runyon’s (D) recent public statement.  “Eagle County has spent and inordinate amount of money in Edwards.”

Here is how to solve a few problems all at once.

FACTOID:  Our County Commissioners are NOT under any Fiduciary nor Statutory obligation to fund the so-called “County Home Store”.  County Government simply has no business/obligation being in the “housing business”.

CONSIDER:  Most local Real Estate professionals are having a tough go of it in today’s Real Estate market.  Why is County Tax money (that these Realtors pay) being used to compete against these same Realtors – by our Commissioners operating a so-called “County Home Store” in Edwards?  Just what is the County Home Store doing that local Real Estate Professionals can’t do?  Answer:  Nothing.

The SOLUTION:  Close the County Home Store immediately.  Redirect that annual subsidy to the proposed (~$153,000) Bandstand till it’s built.  After that the money stays in the County’s General Fund.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this Bandstand project…(Click Here) for a copy of the Fishwrap’s best reporter (Randy Wyrick’s) story from last week.


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