Mr. President – "there is no bill" – what are we suppose to vote on and pass?

by – silly little detail

The President’s speech last week had no less than 17 references/requests for Congress to “pass this bill”.

HUH?  So far, the President has not provided nor sent Congress any Bill to be voted on and passed.  (Click Here)

The ECT believes that even our own County Commissioner Peter Runyon (D) could articulate the difference between (voting on a speech?) and printed legislation that can be read and voted on.

Who can forget (then Speaker) Nancy Pelosi’s historical quip about Obamacare – “We have to pass the Bill  so you can find out – what is in it!” (Click Here)

Perhaps former Speaker Pelosi might insist today…”We have to pass the Bill – so we can find out WHERE IT IS!”

The real question here is how much longer are reasonable Americans going to tolerate this brand of Governance?  Any idea what the average American’s (CSAP?) score is in American Civics, Dr. Smyser?

Media Bias?  Ask yourself this question…had President George W – addressed a joint session of Congress – and referred to his new Bill – that doesn’t exist – would we ever hear the end of it?  Is Obama facing anywhere near the kind of media scrutiny that George W did?

How much longer are Americans going to tolerate Obama’s nonsense?  Something you or friends you know – can think about while standing in the ever-increasing Unemployment line.


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  1. re the Obama Blank Bill— he “references” and “requests ” and—- (I call this DEMANDS) “Pass this bill!”!

    Fri Sep 09, 2011 at 09:54 AM PDT
    Obama stumps for jobs bill in Cantor’s district, asks public to demand congressional action

    “If you want construction workers on the work site, pass this bill.

    If you want teachers in the classroom, pass this bill. If you want small business owners to hire new people, pass this bill.

    If you veterans to get their share of opportunity that they helped create, pass this bill.

    If you want a tax break, pass this bill.”

    Obama- “PASS THIS BILL” — the mystery yet unwritten bill..

    I say no thanks–we know how well the Health Care Bill is working out–and at least it WAS written, but just UNREAD!


    – the White House offered its answer re Obama’s pitch to the Virginia crowd in Cantor’s congressional district: “Sorry, we want the whole bill passed. Nothing less.”

    – the White House appears to believe they’ve turned the tables on the GOP, putting Republicans in a position where they must either act or accept responsibility for failing to act-,-asks-public-to-demand-congressional-action

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