TABOR Notice – U.S. Mailed to all County Registered Voters

by Taxpayers who follow the law

It’s the law.

This Fall Eagle County’s Clerk and Recorder – is required by Colorado’s State Constitution to U.S. Mail a “TABOR Notice” about any/all Eagle County Tax questions on your November 2011 Ballot.

So?  Very similar too, yet distinct and separate from Colorado’s so-called “Blue Book” – both sides (read: pro/con points of view) of any Eagle County proposed tax increase are presented via U.S. Mail – to registered County Voters.

The ECT team has put together a TABOR response (and are officially submitting to the School District and County Clerk) to the proposed School District’s – Permanent Property Tax Increase – you will be voting on, on this November 2011 Ballot.  County voters should expect to read both the pro-con positions on Tax increases in the Clerk’s U.S. Mailing.

Here is a ‘sneak peak’ of the ECT’s response – and why the ECT believes this ECSD proposed Tax Increase is the wrong thing for County voters to support – this year.

1 – The Eagle County School District is proposing a PERMANENT PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.

2 – NOTHING in the Ballot Language – voters are voting on – GUARANTEES that this additional money will EVER be used to Pay our teachers more money! (Click Here) for a copy of the Ballot language.  If the intent of this proposed permanent Property Tax increase – was to pay our teachers more money – why doesn’t the School Boards Ballot language SPECIFICALLY state that?

3 –  The EC School District currently has EXISTING $230 Million Dollars in long-term School Bond debt the Taxpayer is currently responsible to pay off.  Just exactly when is enough, enough – School Board?

4 – Due to current Eagle County economic conditions families have been moving out of Eagle County to find work elsewhere.  The number of Students the School District is responsible to educate in Eagle County is reduced because of this fact.


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