County Commissioners – Endorse "Reverse Robin Hood" policy again

by – the Issue of the County’s Open Space Tax – belongs on our November 2011 Ballot – yet your County Commissioners “unanimously” refused to put that question to you, on your 2011 Ballot Eagle County voter, when asked.

So, just what is a “Reverse Robin Hood” County Policy?

It’s when – the County Commissioners “take tax money from the many” – and give it “to the few”.

Last week – the Daily Fishwrap followed up to the ECT’s earlier report (Click Here) and reported (actually photographed – see photo) the County Commissioners and a few (OSAC members) – standing outside in the rain cutting a ribbon commemorating of their latest Open Space purchase.

The Commissioners Open Space Traditions have been upheld – at least in part.  That tradition being that the Eagle County Taxpayer at large has NO PUBLIC PARKING available for access to their latest Open Space purchase.  The Eagle County Taxpayer HAS NEVER HAD any reasonable public parking access to ANY of the Open Space purchases our County Commissioners have made.  Never.  However this most recent purchase (that clearly benefits the few Click Here) is in the Edwards/Homestead neighborhood.  Most people can find it, unlike the Gates and Bair Ranch purchase favored/endorsed by OSAC and the constantly nepharious (EVLT – Eagle Valley Land Trust).

You lose again Eagle County Taxpayers – Special Interests have triumphed again – thanks to your Eagle County Commissioners.


One response

  1. Under The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 ( civil rights statute that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities) where does a handicapped resident park to access the new Open Space for the public hiking area located at East Lake Creek Ranch (Homestead) and 74 Gold Dust Dr., Edwards, Colorado?

    I keep reading in the ECT that there is no parking other than pretty far away and downhill from this location.

    Are dogs allowed there too? Can they be leashed and/or unleashed?

    Will the parking area for handicapped (which is where?) and the trailheads be kept plowed and otherwise maintained for safe walking by those who are handicapped and have a hard time traveling any physical distance?

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