Eagle County Schools Student Enrollment numbers…

by  fans of the local truant officer

Does this seem quite right to you?

The Fishwrap’s top reporter – Randy Wyrick reported recently (Click Here) that the Eagle County School District’s – student enrollment numbers for this year are “up”.  Up by 166 it was reported.

What we know –

– our local economy is still struggling.  Our local Real Estate community, still struggling as well – at least for the most part.

– County Home Foreclosures are at (404 YTD – 23SEPT Click Here) with no reports of any “slowing” at that rate.

– County Job Loss is still the main driver of local Home Foreclosures.  Huge Eagle County Apartment complexes (example: Buffalo Ridge – Avon – Click Here) still have plenty of vacancies and specials to attract new tenants.

– So far none of Eagle County’s (as far as the ECT knows) Private Schools have closed due to a lack of Students.

Question – is the alleged increase in EC School District enrollment numbers coming from our Private Schools losing students?

Randy’s story mentioned that “Homesteak Peak School” (located Eagle Vail old Battle Mountain site) was up by 103 students – yet Randy’s story failed to mention that the School District’s Minturn Middle School had closed from last year.  Every Truant officer worth his/her salt knows – Minturn students need to attend class somewhere, right?

ECT is looking for readers that have some documentation and insights into how/why these alleged Public School Student Enrollment numbers are up…Contact the ECT at Staff-at-EagleCountyTimes.Com with your documentation.

We like to ask questions here at the EagleCountyTimes.Com


3 responses

  1. According to Mr. Gass, most of the “new” enrollment numbers are from transfers from private schools. Can they not afford?

    • Thanks DL,
      For the time being the ECT will refer to the Eagle County School District – enrollment numbers – as “fuzzy”.
      If students are vacating private schools in favor of Public Schools – that would certainly explain some of the (increase?) in PS enrollments.
      We’ll see what turns up this week!!

  2. Mr. Lambert may well be correct. it has happened before.

    In my opinion, it’s a shame our school district doesn’t allow for school vouchers, thus allowing for more student/parent choices.

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