From the Street

by – there they go again…

So what helped make the Fishwrap – ‘the Fishwrap’ this week?

Fishwrap Business Editor – Scott Miller.  Scott ,it seems, has an aversion to asking and then reporting on TOUGH and RELIVANT questions.

Case in point:  Scott’s story this week about the Town of Avon’s annual budget.  Scott put his usual catatonic/smiley face on Avon’s current financial picture (Click Here).  After all folks – Avon pays for print advertising in Scott’s newspaper – the Daily Fishwrap.

Scott it seems forgot to ask the key question on behalf of Avon Taxpayers and November Avon voters from this past week.  “How much Avon Tax money has been spent LITIGATING against Avon Developer Traer Creek?”  Should Avon lose that Case – what is the additional cost (millions?) to the Avon Taxpayer?

Don’t worry – the ECT will try to make up for Scott’s shortcomings.  The ECT will try to answer that questions for Avon Taxpayers/Voters – at the end of this October 2011 – because that is when this case it set for TRIAL at the District Courthouse.  Just a few days after that – (November 1st) Avon voters will vote on Avon’s proposed Sales Tax increase for Avon buses that don’t serve the entire Town – nor will they, even if the Sales Tax passes.

Avon’s Council has a Ballot question – asking Avon voters for a Sales Tax increase – that will “allegedly be used to pay for Avon buses”.  As is our way at the ECT – we want all voters to have as much factual/documented information available – when voters, vote in these elections.

From the Eagle County Courthouse –

The District Attorney’s office dropped the charges against “accused Cordillera Golf Course trespasser” John “Mort” Mulliken recently, preferring to have the matter settled in Civil Court…as no property was damaged nor persons hurt.

Meanwhile – Accused Eagle County murderer “Rossi” Moreau (65) is scheduled to stand trial this December 2011 in Eagle District Court.

ECT Exclusive – News from the Reno, Nevada Air Show!

Local Real Estate magnate – Frank McKibben and Dad, drove from Vail to the Reno, Nevada Air Show last week.  ECT happy to report both Frank and Dad are safe and sound!

Interestingly Frank’s dad (back in the day) was a WWII P-51 fighter pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corp’s 352nd fighter group.  Captain Donald “Mac” McKibben flew 80 combat missions credited with 2 aerial victories and 1 probable. (Click Here) – Proof positive that P-51 Fighter Pilots even in their 90′s – still have what it takes with the ladies – the ECT offers this photo from the 2011 Reno Nevada Air show!  Go get ‘em Mac!  Top Gun indeed!


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