It’s Gov’mint photo week – here at the ECT

by Peter Parker

Gov’mint luminaries photographed last summer 2011 included folks from the East to the West end of Eagle County!

Here is Vail Mayor – Dick Cleveland trying to make Ms. Colorado (Diana Dreman) – look as good as possible!

– Just click on the photo to enlarge it!

Homophobia?  Certainly not here at the ECT.  It isn’t U.S. Congressman Jared Polis‘s (D) life style choice that alarms the ECT – ITS JARED’S VOTING RECORD!  Jared has shown himself to be a 100% reliable vote for the White House and their economic policy!

Looking as pretty as ever – Eagle County’s “Vote Counter in Chief” – Teak Simonton – the ECT’s favorite Eagle County Clerk and Recorder!

Who better to stand as an example to today’s Eagle County Commissioners – than former Eagle County Commissioner Johnnette Phillips (R)  Johnnette didn’t need to give millions of taxpayer money away on Open Space to get her super job done as County Commissioner!

Need a Lift?  Then the ECT recommends you check with Eagle County’s Fleet Services Manager – Harry Taylor!  You do know how to ride a horse don’t you?

Last and certainly not LEAST – is Eagle County’s man WITH ALL YOUR TAX MONEY – Eagle County’s Director of Finance – John Lewis and John’s pretty wife – Kathy!


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