Local Non-Profit Watch – Eagle River Watershed Council

by Clayton Moore

The ECT still not sure exactly what local non-profit “Eagle River Watershed Council” actually does, except for perhaps BIG fundraising.

Just after June 4th 2011 – the ECT posted (on their Facebook page) a photo of an abandoned (upside) down car located on the south side of Gore Creek – just slightly upstream from where the Gore joins the Eagle River at Dowd Junction.

As of September 18th 2011 – that car is still there.  Why?  The ERWC can’t say “they didn’t know about it”.  Is two and a half months not enough time for the ERWC to organize a tow truck with some help from CDOT and the Colorado State Patrol?  The ERWC first caused a ‘blip’ on the ECT’s ‘radar’ after their deafening silence on matters of concern on (Junk Yard) land at the junction of Brush Creek and the Eagle River just west of the Town of Eagle.  The County (at that time) was trying to buy this Junk Yard land as Open Space.  After the ECT did some research about the often environmental “toxicity” of your typical Junk Yard (Click Here) – the ECT couldn’t find any activity by the ERWC questioning (approving?) the Environmental Condition of this land – the County was set to purchase.  Why wasn’t there a copy of the Environmental Study for this land on their Web Page…so local interested “environmentalists” could review this?

Does anyone really know – just what the so called “Eagle River Watershed Council” actually does?  Not much in the way of insights from Coordinator Ms. Sue Mott’s recent letter in the Fishwrap.  (Click Here)

Naturally, the ECT has a few suggestions.

1 – Change the name of this non-profit to “occasional trash picker-upers along the Eagle River coalition”.

2 – Replace if you will – this non-profit with the good work done by the EC Sheriff’s department and their “all-volunteer” workforce made up of the County Jail’s current customers.  History has documented the Sheriff’s annual Spring efforts along I-70 where the inmates pick up Interstate flotsam, jetsam and trash.  Fall is a wonderful time to be outside and the Jail’s “all volunteer” workforce could be given a second annual opportunity for fresh air.

In the meantime, the overburdened Eagle County Taxpayer would face one less local non-profit with their hand held out in front of the rest of us…

This Eagle River Watershed Council’s non-profit 2009 Federal Tax Return (Click Here) show it raised $851,992.00 in Fundraising and paid Executive Director Melissa MacDonald a mere $71,024.00.  One wonders if some of that $851,992.00 would be better spent in Eagle County – paying our local teachers more – and letting the interested local teachers organize a semi-annual trash pickup along our Eagle River.  One also wonders what our good friend Dr. Tom Steinberg might say about this – if Dr. Tom knew about these numbers!  Dr. Tom as you know has a well deserved stellar reputation in our community!

DISCLAIMER:  The ECT believes as any other reasonable person – that there is value to our community for a semi-annual Eagle river clean up.  Does our community really need another local ($851,992.00/yr.) non-profit to accomplish this task?  Anyone know of a local non-profit that is specifically organized to support/exclusively fund/encourage our local Teachers?

The ECT reports, you decide.


One response

  1. Wow–sarcastic email answer to you ECT–and still the car remains polluting our rivers? Who pays this obnoxious WaterShed employee? Us? Can we ‘Shed’ the WaterShed employee?

    Of course, in all fairness, this abandoned wrecked car is a the perfect example of —> “Urban Decay”– ie, wrecked cars, abandoned shopping trolleys, all are symptoms of modern day life-
    UK http://www.urban-photography-art.com/urban-decay.html


    Ask these guys (below) about junked cars leaching toxins into our water- our children drink that water and people fish from that water.

    —> “How Poisonous Is Your Salvage Car?” – One of the scariest things about owning a salvage car is thinking about all the gasoline, oil and other fluids sitting in that engine dripping away-

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