Eagle County Home Foreclosures SKYROCKET – 402 YTD, 31 new Foreclosures just last week!

by – local Real Estate News the Daily Fishwrap won’t report

As the Stock Market headed south last week – Eagle County, Colorado Home Foreclosures headed north – with a new record for one week – 31 Home Foreclosures in a 7 day period.  Down valley (Eagle, Gypsum) communities still the hardest hit areas in the County.  (Click on the graphic to enlarge)

Our Community needs new Jobs to be created.  Not just the seasonal jobs, jobs that allow families to afford and pay their home mortgages.

A reasonable person would ask – “What is our County’s Elected leadership doing to address this persistent (in its 3rd year) problem in our Community?”

The answer is…your Eagle County Commissioners are going on a Rafting Trip – a float trip down the Colorado River, from State Bridge to Dotsero.

Yes, your newly hired County Open Space Director Toby Sprunk ($100K/yr + benefits) has organized this float trip for Monday, September 26th between the working hours of 10AM-5PM.  (Click Here)

According to Director Sprunk the intent is to allow the Commissioners a (from the river) view (look-see) at land your Commissioners are considering for their next (multi-million) dollar open space purchase.  (just click on the graphic below to enlarge it)

One can only imagine the excitement this Open Space Float Trip news will generate as another family in our Community – is forced from their home – yet again.

Just how did Eagle County manage to ‘get by’ before the BoCC created this Open Space Director position?  The sole purpose of this job is to hand over millions of your Tax Dollars for more Open Space purchases!

Why did your Eagle County Commissioners REFUSE to put the question of the REPEAL of the Open Space Tax, on our November 2011 Ballot – right next to the proposed Tax Increase questions for our School and Fire District?

Can’t our County Commissioners tell the difference between our Community’s Wants vs. our Needs?  Or do they – JUST NOT CARE?

Commissioner Stavney (D) has to run again in November 2012 to keep his job – the other two Commissioners are already term limited.

For us here at the ECT – our 2012 Ballot can’t arrive too soon.

DISCLAIMER:  ECT folks do not believe that our BoCC is completely responsible for the current County Home Foreclosure rate.  Nor should our BoCC be singly responsible to fix it.  What the ECT objects to is the BoCC floating down the Colorado River on the Taxpayers (time & dime) while simply ignoring the Foreclosure problem that the Fishwrap prefers to ignore too!

There is no question that our community deserves better leadership…and for that matter a far better daily newspaper as well!


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  1. Between Friday and Sunday–two more personal properties entered foreclosure-it jumps pretty much daily now

    They are the workers houses, one upvalley…one downvalley… not the “Fat Cats” btw (and still our governments think we can pay MORE TAXES?)

    11-404 Craig McPeek 187 Bluffs Dr 81631 $397,841.06 NED Recorded

    11-403 Nicholas Massie and Jessica Massie 112 Deer Run 81623 $707,868.71 NED Recorded
    PS yesterday:

    ‘Denver property’s drop in value, Denver property TAXES going up’

    Property assessments may have dropped in Denver for most residents, but roughly two-thirds of homeowners can expect to see their property taxes increase next year.

    Read more: http://www.denverpost.com/search/ci_18966509

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