Food, Beverage and Lodging Spending at our School District

by Robin Leach, ECT’s “lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Educators” correspondent

The ECT not sure why there is so much Eagle County School District spending activity outside your Child’s classroom.

Anybody know?

Some travel and training is no doubt needed for the School District…some highlights below from the School Districts ‘check register” for May 2011…don’t worry there’s PLENTY MORE items documented where this list came from!  The ECT will show you each week – leading up the Taxpayers vote for/against the School Districts Permanent Property Tax increase – November 2011 Ballot Question 3B

– FORSYTH,SUSAN T 05/02/11 04/16/11 04/18/11 24610431107004047443653 COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT DEN SALE $348.32

– SCOTT,DIANA D 05/02/11 04/26/11 04/27/11 24610431116072003282851 OMNI HOTELS INTERLOCKEN SALE $1,225.56

– EBERTS,HEATHER 05/02/11 04/14/11 04/17/11 24736931105010008277758 HYATT REGENCY WOODFIELD SALE $285.00

MARTINEZ,DENA 05/02/11 04/15/11 04/17/11 24755411105641053871639 CELESTIAL TRAVEL AND TOUR SALE $499.00

ECT Comment: Good Example ECSD Superintendent Dr. Sandra Smyser – ECT has found the “Hampton Inn’s” just fine for a nights stay too!

– SMYSER,SANDRA 05/02/11 04/14/11 04/15/11 24717051104151041846786 HAMPTON INN & SUITES DENV SALE $129.00

Food & Beverage!

ZEHRING,CLIFFORD D 05/02/11 04/12/11 04/14/11 24071051103158113038953 HEIDI’S BROOKLYN DELI SALE $898.75

– CARPENTER,MELISSA 05/02/11 05/01/11 05/02/11 24164071121355938479214 STARBUCKS CORP 00106765 SALE $95.00

To review the complete copy of this portion of the Eagle County School District ‘check register’ (Accounts Payable) – (Click Here)


3 responses

  1. Let’s not forget “leisure” when reporting this absurd abuse of taxpayers dollars. On 8/30/11, the office manager for Red Canyon high school, Cleo Castillo, posted a $629.64 transaction at Rock Gardens Rafting in Glenwood Springs. Hard for me to believe that this proposed 3B on the November ballot is “for the kids” or a “vote for public education” when you look at how much isn’t being spent in our classrooms, but rather at establishments like City Market, Starbucks, Heidi’s or Rock Gardens Rafting. You can threaten with more teacher layoffs or cutting out bus routes, but when you’ve allowed $568,490.06 through 8 months and a majority of that taxpayer money was spent on entitlements, expect 3B to fail.

  2. You can’t cry poor very effectively when you stay at the Brown Palace. I’m sure Mr. Forsberg had a fabulous stay on our dime. Easy to get those sorts of expenditures approved, I’m sure, when the president of the school board has her own room- Not implying that Connie Kincaid-Strahan and Mr. Forsberg should have shared a room, but they could have saved us a bundle by choosing a budget alternative in a time of fiscal belt tightening.

    Brooke Macke went to the Gore Range Brewer and charged 8 bucks. I’m guessing she didn’t take a student out, and I’ve been there… that amount is two beers and a tip. A drop in the bucket, maybe, but indicative of free spenders who have the tax payers to foot the bill. Hey Brooke, next time you go bowling please take me with you. I have had to cut such things from our budget, but apparently you see no problem spending over $1200 on bowling, and if I’m paying (even indirectly), I’d like to knock a few pins down myself.

    Teresa Bandel-Schott should learn to go to a conference with only a carry on bag, so we don’t have to pay for her checked baggage. Heck, we’re already putting her up at a Hyatt. If she needs more clothing than fits in a carry on, pay for it yourself, Teresa.

    ECSD administrators, explain (with a straight face if you can), how Brown Palace stays and beers at the Brewery are a necessary expense and how they help our students learn. Learn to not waste the money you’re already given, and then we can discuss whether or not you need more. The problem isn’t that our teachers couldn’t have enough money- the problem is that the administration in the district doesn’t want to have to stop eating out and staying in nice hotels in order to get that money where it needs to go. The money you waste is money that the teachers can’t use for our children.

    Go to and do a search for “financial transparency.”

    Our teachers are a gifted group of talented and dedicated individuals. Too bad they’re being led by a group of entitled spendthrifts.

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