School District – Frugal Spending – with your Tax Dollars?

By “we report you decide”

The ECT is publishing the Eagle County School District “check register”, the District’s Accounts Payable 2011 list, month by month.

There is no question that proponents of the Districts permanent Property Tax increase – have threatened our community with Teacher layoffs and overcrowded classroom sizes…should voters vote “No” on question 3B found on your November 2011 Ballot.

The ECT believes that local Voters should be aware of how much School District Spending takes place – when your child IS NOT in the Classroom.

Yes, lets start with a short list of non-classroom expenditures the District has made with your Tax money during the single month of April 2011.  For a copy of the School District’s April 2011 A/P Check Register (Click Here) – The ECT recommends you take your blood pressure medicine before you Click!

More examples from the School Districts  April 2011 Check register –

$500.00 – Warren Miller Entertainment

$376.50 – Fiesta’s – Conference dinner for teachers

$180.00 – EC Regional Transportation 1st Graders Field Trip bused to Riverwalk Movie Theater

$702.00 – 1st Graders Movie Expense Riverwalk Movie Theater

$500.00 – Mana Design Studio ‘HSP Letterhead Logo’ (whatever that is?)

$633.00 – Kindergarten T-Shirts (Rocky Mountain Shirt Company)

$564.00 – Capital Theatre – Movie Tickets, Staff Appreciation

$900.00 – Cascade Village Theater – ‘theatre tickets for prom’

$19,843.34 – CenturyLink long distance telephone charges for (1) month? – Say, isn’t the Eagle County School District entirely inside Eagle County?  How/why so many long distance calls?  There is no long distance for cell phone service inside the U.S. – right?

$418.50 – ECSD employee Eric Mandeville – ‘CSAP Snacks from Costco’

PART II – The Vail Daily’s – Sins of Omission?  You Decide!

Are you wondering why the Daily Fishwrap has (suddenly) run such nice stories about our local Public Schools and teachers?

Gee…could it possibly have anything to do with the amount of paid print advertising the Eagle County Public School District (read: your tax money) spends advertising in the Vail Daily?

Just a small sample…the Fishwrap’s parent company “Colorado Mountain News Media” received (8) checks from our School District for newspaper advertising in ONE MONTH – April 2011 ($384.30, $167.25, $422.56, $1,267.65,  $211.28,  $633.84, $845.12 & $422.56) – Total $4,354.53 for the month.

Gee…could it be that the Fishwrap knows…if the permanent PropertyTax Increase question (3B) doesn’t win on the Ballot – the Fishwrap’s advertising dollars from the School District will also dwindle for the years to come?  When was the last time your saw the Fishwrap submit an “open records request” to our School District?  OK, granted, Editor ‘half-the-story’ over at the Fishwrap – might not even know what an “open records request” is!

The ECT could go on and on – in fact the ECT will!  Each Week – from now until the School Districts election November 1st – the ECT will publish more of the spending of your Tax Dollars by our School District between now and then!

6 responses

  1. China will be pleased. What better way to become The World Power than through education?

    Feeding our workers so well, sending them on Happy Trips to contribute to plans on “How To Get More Taxpayer Money” … while completely ignoring actual E_D_U_C_A_T_I_O_N … as in, teaching in school to students must be stopped now.

    When our school staffers pack their own lunches–and control almost $20,000 in one months phone charges (email suffices–so does SKYPE-which is FREE btw!) and they stop traversing Colorado (email is easier and no fuel needed too) and they stop traveling the nation on our dime (email is cheap and even ‘green’ paperless too) then talk to taxpayers here –but not until that spending listed here has 100% STOPPED!

    Outrageous-but fitting with our county commissioners practices… seems to be The Standard Order of Business in Happy Valley.

    PS . At least readers now know why we don’t ever read the truth, except on the ECT that is. The Vail Daily likes that (taxpayers) money from our schools here… Disgusting. Beyond disgusting actually.

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