The ECT’s Veuve Clicquot Photo Essay this Week? Our County’s Real Estate and Development Community

by ECT Staff photographer Peter Parker

With a boatload of bad news from the current state of Real Estate in the County this week – the ECT will try to cheer up the home team of Real Estate and Development!  Remember!  Just CLICK on the photos to enlarge them!

Leading off – is none other than Local Realtor – Liz Leeds – who allegedly claimed the volume of local Real Estate sales last year, would easily fit in the trunk of Liz’s SmartCar!

Sometimes out of focus…but always in Style Ms. Beth Slifer now allegedly helping Mr. Frampton with his reported sudden memory loss that occurred last summer…memory loss involving Real Estate projects in North Lake Tahoe.  Harry Frampton is having no trouble remembering to remind us all that his Clemson Tigers are now 4-0 on the College Football gridiron – in the Atlantic Coast Conference.  Put a Tiger in your Tank?  Indeed.

Always up for a good time and never wishing to look like everyone else – local Realtor (and former VBR President) Frank McKibben asks “Which look is best for me”?  If you have your portable Ham Radio handy – key up your transmitter and let N0AFO know which photo you’re voting for!

Former Vail Mayor and Vail’s #1 Realtor Emeritus – Rodney Slifer with Ms. Susan Frampton.  Ms. Frampton…in the ECT’s book…unquestionably Harry’s “better half”.  No issues with this young ladies memory!

Local Developer Bobby Warner (left) with the principal of Hoffman West Real Estate (Terry Hoffman) caught recently discussing the fine points of Arrowhead Real Estate Auctions – both Real and Imagined!  More on that “Imagined Arrowhead Real Estate Auction…soon says the ECT…


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