ECT & TABOR – Defending Eagle County, Colorado Taxpayers

by the ECT Folks

Why should YOU support the

Because the ECT supports our Overburdened Eagle County Taxpayer.

How so?

As required by the Colorado’s Constitution – Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton – just U.S. Mailed every single registered Eagle County voter their legally required TABOR TAX notice.


So, the mailing (Click Here) contained information about the proposed Eagle County Tax Increase Ballot issues (2B, 3B and 5A)

So, who do you think took the time and did the research to represent the interests of the folks already paying these confiscatory Property Taxes?

The folks at the ECT, that’s who!

No other folks (read:writers-voters-PAC’s-citizens) took the time to respond (the con position) however the ECT folks did!

So when you read your TABOR Notice (Click Here) and you read the positions opposing these unnecessary Tax Increase Ballot issues – you’ll know somebody else is looking out for you and 2nd home owners here in Eagle County.

The best way you can support the ECT and make sure your ECT Subscription doesn’t expire – just click on the ECT Donate (button  top right of ECT home page) and support us.

The small donation you make to the ECT helps assure the ECT folks can continue to bring you the facts, information and numbers you need to make informed decisions about Taxes in your community.

2 responses

    • ECT recommends that…

      ERC Web Site have a link to the ECT’s web site.

      ECT folks do A TON OF RESEARCH each week – to bring you the facts on the Ballot questions.

      PLEASE SHARE our web site address – EagleCountyTimes.Com with your personal email list – the more folks that know the TRUTH – the better for us all!

      PS – YES! The ECT folks WHERE THE ONLY ONES to respond to the Eagle County TABOR U.S. Mailing that Clerk Teak Simonton has sent to every single registered voter in Eagle County.

      Yeah, the ECT wrote the “con” positions on all TABOR TAX issues!!!!

      Just where is the ECR? Do they have a pulse?

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